An Icy Mistake

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An Icy Mistake

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:05 am

Jasper walked around the Unknown with Boreas grumbling angrily in the back of his mind. That blue haired guy had never come back to use a fire style for him, and the orange chakra had never gotten over it. He'd never let Jasper get rid of the frozen fairy, either. He'd insisted that some day someone would come and know a fire style. He'd insisted that every day a week after the Sand ninja had left the Unknown. That had been about a hundred years ago. Now the fairy was still in his pocket and Boreas had never stopped being enraged over it. The way Jasper saw it, Boreas had already hated humans with a burning passion that didn't match the icy ways he was known for. Now he just had more reason to hate them. The black haired male kept trying to convince Boreas to get over it, that it had been a mistake. That the fairy was probably dead by now, if it hadn't been back then. It was sad, yes, but things happened. Hell, Jasper had been a little upset over it too, at first, since that fairy had been his only friend in this god-forsaken place. But Boreas refused to let it go.

When darkness came at its usual, unpredictable time, Boreas came out, as he continued insisting on. Jasper swore ever since that day there had been something different about the creature that inhabited his body. Every night (or rather, every Darkening, as Jasper was coming to call it) he would come out and sit down somewhere, be it by a river or up in a tree, and take the fairy out of his pocket to watch it, as if he could will it back into being. Sometimes Jasper thought this was rather pitiful, and it only pissed Boreas off more. He swore that one of these days he'd take over Jasper for good. Jasper always responded with the threat of never letting him out to see the fairy again.

It was strange, though. Sometimes Boreas managed to block his thoughts from Jasper, which was something new. In the beginning, when it had first started, he swore he'd heard Boreas think about naming the frozen creature "Fara".

Jasper also wondered sometimes, what had ever become of that guy. He wondered what had become of the world outside. Wondered if it had been destroyed, because of how few humans came into the Unknown. There had been no more than five in the past hundred years. Funnily enough, two of those people Jasper hadn't even been sure were human. One was a male with black wings and a bad attitude, the other a little girl with white hair that sometimes accompanied the black winged man. Boreas never approached them, and neither did Jasper. They seemed to know their way around, and Boreas had actively been avoiding fights for fear that the little crystalline figure would shatter. Jasper didn't know what to think of that, especially since Boreas loved fighting more than he loved existing.

Tonight was nothing different than any other Darkening. Boreas sat on the edge of a riverbank, staring through the darkness at the frozen fairy with glowing orange eyes. Even an hour later, when it started getting bright once more, he stayed still, and didn't allow Jasper to take over again. He said, it hadn't been enough time. Jasper internally sighed and gave up.
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