Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

Post by The Godfather on Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:02 pm

There's a saying that with each death a child is born. If one knew the story behind Felix's birth, they would say that was true, for the same day his father died, he was born. Although Felix had never been aware of this because his mother had never know what had happened to her husband. After he'd failed to return after his so called mission, she'd assumed him dead, for there was no way Suoh would have abandoned his son and wife. She refused to believe he'd ever do that. So Felix had grown up fatherless, but he knew everything about Suoh Kuriyama, the man who'd given his life to give him a chance to live.

It had been quite a few hours since the battle between Batsu and the Crested. Although Felix had been in the water recovering, he wasn't healing as quickly as he should have. The process the water spirit was using was to keep the mark from heavily spreading because he knew Felix had a battle ahead that would require the mark. As Felix healed he dreamed of everything that had gone wrong. Kyla, Serenity, Batsu, Kana, and Kymin. It was not supposed to be this way. Felix had thought everything was going okay, but it had all come crashing down in a matter of weeks. The silver haired shinobi opened his eyes when he remember the last thing that had happened before he'd fallen unconscious: Batsu. Quickly he made his way to surface an looked around for Kymin as he sucked in as much oxygen as his lungs would allow. It turned out to be a horrible idea. Felix slid back into the water and groaned loudly. The pain in his sides were unbelievable. He clearly hadn't spent enough time in the water to fully heal, but at least he was conscious.

"Kymin!" He called as he looked around. "Where are you?" Surely his fiance was the one who'd brought him here, right? When there was no answer he tried again. "Kymin!" Still no reply. Felix did not find this funny. He slowly crawled out of the water and onto land, frowning at the effort it took to move. He held his wounded sides and started for the village, but paused when he felt something hold him back. He turned to see a water arm grasping his pants leg. "Let me go," Felix demanded. He knew who had a hold of him, the water spirit.

"Unfortunately I cannot do that. You'd be wasting your time if you were to continue calling his name in such a manner. Your friend has left to right the wrong that was done. You should do the same."

Felix shook his head in disbelief. "No..." A wave of panic washed over him and he had to steady himself before he toppled over. "I don't understand. Kymin was just here." Had his fiance abandoned him, because that was exactly what it felt like.

"You should be aware that I told him to go. Batsu is wounded and won't be able to get far. You have your own problems to take care of, for example, the witch Kyla."

Felix knew he had to take care of his issues with Kyla, but why would Kymin listen to the water spirit? Why would he just up and abandon him in such a way. His heart began to ache the more he thought about his silver souled fiance. What if the water spirit was lying and Kymin was really dead. Felix held his hand to his heart as he collapsed onto the ground in a ball of pain and misery. This wasn't suppose to happen. We were supposed to go our separate ways. Why did Batsu come to us? Why did he destroy everything? Why couldn't I say goodbye? All Felix wanted to do right now was to disappear and he probably would have had it not been for the water spirit.

"He told me to tell you goodbye and that he would be back. To tell you that he loves you and that he will find you again." There was a light pause. No get up. Kyla is coming for you. You need to be prepared or you will once more fall victim to her."

Felix didn't care for what Kymin had told the water spirit. That bastard had left him to go after Batsu instead of waiting until he was awake. Anger left Felix furious and he'd began to think the worst about Kymin. He's a coward just like Batsu said. First he freezes up in the middle of battle, then he wants to play hero, and then he runs off. Felix could go on for days about how selfish Kymin was being, but his thoughts were interrupted as he turned and saw Kyla standing a few feet away. "What do you want," he asked bitterly.

The old woman simply smiled. "Oh Felix, you're such an angry soul. Will you ever find your calling?"

Blue eyes held the old woman's gaze for a very long time without breaking. "What. Do. You. Want?"

Kyla sighed. "I'm growing old Felix, I want my revenge. If you want this all to end, find and destroy Serenity. Make her suffer like she's never suffered before. Make her soul weep and her life miserable, then I shall set you free."

Between the rising anger directed at Kymin and Batsu as well as the longing to finally be free of immortality, Felix's answer was rash but certain. "Fine. Where do I find her?"

"Follow me," she responded and turned away. Her silver haired immortal followed obediently, his blue eyes growing dark, just like his heart.

Kyla smiled. She'd won.

"The white soul can't protect you forever and the Flower will soon wither. The dragon knows the truth, and when the spirit of the water strikes it deal, darkness will rise and humanity will weep." ~Uriyuu
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