The After Days

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The After Days

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:28 pm

Two years. It had been a mere two years after Felix died that Kymin had lost Vishnu. He didn't know how it had happened. He'd taken the grown dog out into the desert to scout with him. The half wolf half gone and grown up into a fine ninja dog, just like him and Felix had always said. The dog had run off in search of a sound, one Kymin couldn't hear over the sandstorm that was brewing. With the wind whipping in every which direction, Kymin had followed after Vishnu, but a strong gust carried on for several minutes, whipping up wind and obscuring his sight. When it died down enough for Kymin to see, he wished he hadn't been able to. He'd rather have been blind than to ever have to see something like what he'd seen. There were no wild animals or ninja within sight that could have done to Vishnu what the black haired ninja was seeing. Blood stained the sand, and his dog, his only remaining memento of Felix, wasn't moving. It was clear that the blood had come from Vishnu, because the body of the canine...Well, if it wasn't for the head being mostly untouched, Kymin would have never known what he had stumbled across.

In the two years following Felix's death, Kymin had gotten many things done. He'd found a good hiding place for the items that Felix had owned, and a place to put his own things from their life together. Including the scroll for Anubis. Pictures from the camera they'd had, their engagement rings, Felix's scrolls...they had all been put in a box in that hiding place. He'd made sure to continuously put money into the box so that they would be set for their next life. Vishnu's collar also ended up going into the box, in the end.

In addition to that, Kymin had ensured that Felix's soul would be reincarnated around the same time as his own, if it could be helped. He didn't care who was older of the two of them. He just wanted them to be able to grow up together. He was convinced that the two of them would be friends immediately, no matter what their personalities next life would be like.

After making sure that everything was set up for their next life...Kymin decided to go check on things in the Crested. He'd been terrified to see the destruction that Batsu had caused. While his and Felix's house had remained untouched through the destruction, the orphanage had not. Mori and Lain were okay, and so was Christian, but Kymin couldn't bring himself to stay in the Crested for more than to say that everything was okay. He used whatever savings he had to help rebuild the orphanage, leaving it in Mori's care after that. It had been hard, telling them what had happened to Felix. He had only told Mori and Lain though...he couldn't bring himself to tell Christian. It had been a year after the attack that Kymin had gone to the Crested, and most everything had still been in the process of being fixed. Only half the village was in a good state. Before leaving, Kymin had told Felix's old captain what had happened to him, and pressed her to convince the village for a charity in his name to keep the orphanage going. She'd seemed willing enough to make it happen. Before leaving the village, he'd visited Mickey's bar, which had surprisingly, like his and Felix's house, remained unscathed by the attack. He'd had a drink and spoke to Mickey for a little while, wishing him and his girlfriend good luck.

Like he'd promised his clan before leaving several months before, Kymin returned to the Sand Valley to live there for however many days he had left. It was clear to everyone in the village that whatever had happened to Kymin while away was something he was never going to get over. And he never did get over it. He returned to working as a ninja, and it was the scouting mission on which he'd lost Vishnu. Word had been spreading around about a dangerous person roaming around the Valley's, attacking and killing just about every traveler they saw. So, scouting missions were sent out to make sure no one of that description was near the Sand. It just so happened on that day, that Kymin had the misfortune to run into that person. Fighting his grief over losing Vishnu, Kymin continued his search for whatever, or whoever, had done that to his dog.

Kana was the last person he ever saw in that lifetime...
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