Suki Gianna: A History

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Suki Gianna: A History

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:45 am

Suki's life started out rather normally. She had lived in the mountains with her mother, father, and brother (who was 15 years older than her). When she was 2, however, her parents disappeared, leaving her alone with her brother. No one really knew what happened to them, but they were both ninja of the nearby village, the Village of Gears. The village of Gears was surrounded by mountains, and there were trade routes along those mountains leading to other cities. The mountains and surrounding forests were littered with bandits, since there were always traders along the routes. Her brother had to become an assassin in order to help the two survive. He refused to attack the merchants that came along the trade routes because of a sense of honor their father had instilled in them.

Since her brother always had to train to make sure that he didn't lose his touch, he sometimes had to bring Suki with him. So whenever he ran, she would sometimes fall behind and get lost, but at the end of the day he always found her. Whenever he went out to do his..."missions", Suki was told to stay inside at their home, which was hidden behind trees rather well. She rarely listened though, and always ventured out. On several occasions she ended up getting chased by wolves, and only survived by climbing up into a tree. Suki was only allowed to go out by herself for an hour at a time, since bandits frequented the woods surrounding the house. Suki always refers to her version of tag and hide-and-seek as running from wolves and knowing when bandits were close before they were able to spot you. Even as a child Suki had been extremely shy and quiet, but because of training with her brother, is very agile and stealthy, though not very strong. Regardless, with the speed she can throw a knife at, it could easily match up to the stronger ninja in the village outside her home.

When Suki was four, her brother had brought home a violin and a violin case for her, because she loved music, and he'd sometimes catch her sneaking away to the festivals that were held in the Village of Gears. Of course, after he caught her, he would always end up taking her. The violin case he gave her had a compartment on the back of it (the part that goes against the back when strapped in place) in which he would store knives, in case Suki ever needed to defend herself. Of course, Suki never brought the violin case with her when she went out, for fear that bandits would steal it, or hear her playing. Or both.

When Suki was 9 years old, something happened. She'd gone out to collect berries in the forest (as it was summer time and the berries were in bloom, and ripe) just for the fun of it. It was something she did every summer. But this time, she didn't realize that bandits had been approaching her. About 3 of them. They caught her before she could get away, and if they hadn't caught her off guard, she probably would've been able to get away. Without going into too much detail, Suki had left the house 30 minutes before they found her. Her brother found her 45 minutes after the bandits, and killed them before they had a chance to kill her. If Suki had been quiet before, it was nothing compared to after that.

At the age of 13, Suki's brother was killed by ANBU from the Village of Gears, and his body was disposed of. To this day Suki doesn't know what happened to him, only that he never returned home. She waited almost a month for him to come back before the money he'd stored in case of an emergency began to run low. So, Suki started traveling the trade routes, by herself, and ended up staying in the house without much food for a while. But one day, a pair of traveling merchants and their 13 year old daughter came by when Suki was on the road, playing her violin for extra money, and took an interest in her. Well, at least, the 13 year old girl, who was a very talented dancer, did. She wondered why Suki was all alone trying to get money, and immediately suggested that Suki come along and travel with them. That they made more than enough money in what they did to have her come along. Suki was shy about it at first, but the girl, whose name she quickly learned to be Tara, would not allow Suki to be shy for long. Tara took Suki everywhere, to see everything, and would not allow her parents to complain one bit. In fact, with time, Tara's parents took a liking to Suki. It was Tara's idea that the two perform and travel together as musician and dancer. Suki, having found her first and only friend thusfar, liked the idea, and agreed. So until this day, the two still travel, and Tara still tries to get Suki to be more social, though it doesn't seem that her efforts have progressed very far.

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