Kiline's Creation Story

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Kiline's Creation Story

Post by Cross on Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:28 am

Many millennia ago, there were nine gods. They were Unis, Ragis, Junda, Ghelin, Osiris, Hapis, Kiline, Yunan, and Daero. Each ruled over something specific and held their own powers over the world. Unis over life and creation, Ragis over disaster and destruction. Kiline over order and balance, Osiris over entropy, chaos. Most of the gods worked towards Kiline's goal. Osiris often claimed that Ragis was on his side, though Ragis never claimed to be on any side at all.

The world started out flawlessly. It was only when living, existentially aware beings came into the picture that things started heading towards disaster, and not the kind Ragis would agree to promoting. Back then, the hills were wide, and green, and rolling, and the wind around the mountains created music that could be heard for miles. When humans first appeared on earth, things started changing immediately. They carved from the mountains and into the hills, and cut trees down. Some of the gods wanted the humans to stay, for one reason or another. Some of them wanted to see where things would go with humans on the planet, others just chose to show mercy for these new, weak beings. The remaining gods...disagreed with their logics.

This started the first, and final war among the gods. Kiline and Osiris both fought together, hoping to protect the human race, but each for their own designs. Once all gods but the two were eliminated, Osiris turned on Kiline in an attempt to destroy him and be the lone god of the world. But Kiline knew what Osiris wanted. He wanted these beings to throw the world into an unbalance, into a raging disaster of chaos the likes of which Ragis would have never been able to bring about on his own. So Kiline, known now as Silence by mortals, created a space in reverence of the past gods in order to keep Osiris, or Oblivion, from infecting the world with the black energy that had always corrupted him. This space was Telince, the Unknown. In order to keep Oblivion in check, Silence had to remain within the Unknown, and seal off its borders so that the outside world would never find it.

However, a millennia and a half later, two human found the path that led to the Unknown, and unknowingly opened its gates to the world. From there, Oblivion took that opportunity to open several more paths from which he might be able to spread his essence. Those original humans carried out the first traces of Madness into the world.

My village, named after Kiline, knew of the gods far before the mortal humans had lost their wings. I suppose you could say, by the human standards of today, Kiline housed angels. Even before the great war, the people of Kiline worshiped Silence because of his mission to bring and keep balance in the world. My people were the first to try to help Silence by bringing those back to the Unknown who seemed to have become infected. But we could never find the original human, and as the Madness spreads in the world, Oblivion continues to grow stronger. Soon he will be able to overpower Kiline and break free from Telince, leaving Kiline stranded in his own trap and the mortal world; demons, humans, and other creatures alike; to face the chaos that Osiris will bring to the world.

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