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Okay, so his name? Thomas Renshita (pronounced without the i, Renshta). He's 29 years old, a jonin of the Crested, lived there his whole life. He has a rather hearty personality, and he's quite friendly. His specialty in fighting is weaponry and traps, though he's not bad at taijutsu either. A fun fact about Thomas, he was born blind in his left eye, so has an overdeveloped sense of hearing in his left ear. His left eye is normally colored, and it even moves as if he can see with it, but he can't. Serenity is the only one who knows about his so-called handicap, because she had to heal him on more than one occasion, most of his injuries occuring on the left side of his body.

Thomas had come to Serenity to get healed when the girls were 2 years old, nothing too bad, and the girls started playing in the back room where Serenity was, and they got attached to him. Serenity told him how their father was away on a mission, and he said he wouldn't mind coming to play with them every now and then, if it was okay. That he loved kids. Granted, he only comes around once in a while, whenever he doesn't have missions, that is. Since he's a higher ranking jonin, he has missions quite often, and maybe gets one or two days off in a month.

He has a normal family in the Crested, mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, etc. No girlfriend, but doesn't seem to be looking for one either.

Yeah...not sure what else to put about him. Tell me if you want any other details. =/
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