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Post by The Merciful Overlord on Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:58 am

Kim sat on the living room couch, his legs crossed with a drawing pad on them. His glasses sat on the arm of the couch next to him, and he hummed lightly as he drew. Next to him his brother Recha sat, doing the same thing. Their drawing styles varied differently, but the ten year old boys seemed content to just sit with each other and draw. Kim stopped drawing after a few more moments and looked over to Recha. "Hey Rec?"

Redish brown eyes glanced over to their brother. "Hm?"

"You ever thought about what your first kiss would be like?" Kim asked curiously.

"First kiss? Huh. Not really. Why, have you?"

"Yeah, sorta," Kim said, shifting slightly.


"I kinda want my first kiss to..." Kim shifted uncomfortably. When he glanced over to Recha and saw his brother looking at him expectantly, the teal haired boy pulled his knees up to his chest, putting his drawing pad aside. "I...kinda want my first kiss to be from another boy. You know, my first real kiss..."

Recha blinked. "Really? Why?"

"I dunno, girls are just kinda weird. They always complain about everything."

"That's why you want your first kiss to be from a boy?" Recha asked, an eyebrow raised. He gave a small snort. "Well not me. I wouldn't want my first kiss to be from a boy."

"Why not?"

"Boys are just as weird as girls. At least girls kinda smell nicer sometimes." He saw Kim tilt his head and Recha gave him a questioning look. "What?"

"You really don't want your first kiss to be from a boy?"

"Nope. Not at all." When Kim grinned impishly, Recha knew his brother was up to something, but didn't know exactly what.

Kim's brown eyes shined at Recha's answer and before his brother could pull away, Kim moved forward and pecked his brother on the lips with a kiss, laughing afterwards at his brother's obvious disgust. "Well too bad! Hahaha!" Kim couldn't help that he was laughing, Recha's face was just too funny. His laughter started dying down though when Recha seemed genuinely angry afterwards.

"Ugh! Are you freaking kidding me?! That's disgusting Kim! You freaking weirdo!" Recha wiped his lips and got off the couch, storming away and out of the room.

Kim blinked and immediately looked scared. Was Recha going to tell on him? What was worse though was...that Recha had called him a weirdo. Was he really? Was he...not supposed to like other boys like that? He'd heard people talking about it before, saying that it wasn't right. That it was...unnatural. Kim didn't understand. He didn't think it was unnatural. He just thought other boys were cute and girls were kinda gross. Didn't most other boys think girls were gross too, though? And...was Recha mad at him because...because he was different from him? Were they not the same like that? There was a lot of things that they were different in, but Kim had hoped that this hadn't been one of them. Brown eyes teared up and he snatched up his drawing pad and ran off and into their tree house in the backyard. Recha had probably gone to their room, so he didn't want to go there. Recha had called him a weirdo. He didn't want to talk to Recha right now.


Kim sat up in the tree house for almost an hour before he heard a knock on the outside landing. He'd cried for a bit in the beginning, but he'd stopped soon after. Then he'd fallen asleep in the makeshift bed that him and Recha had made. They spent nights out here together sometimes when they didn't want to sleep in the house. They'd designed this whole tree house themselves and built it with the help of their dad and uncle. "What," Kim mumbled miserably, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes.

Recha pushed the door open and looked inside. "Hey, I was looking for you. You forgot your glasses in the living room." He paused and climbed in further. "You okay?" He wasn't mad about earlier anymore. Kim was just playing tricks on him like always. That was what his brother did. He was just goofy like that.

"I'm fine," Kim huffed, crossing his arms and looking off to the side. His eyes started tearing up again though, and he bit his lip to try to keep his face from betraying him.

"Um...okay. Well, here are your glasses," Recha said, walking over to Kim and handing them to him. He was confused when Kim didn't take them, so he just put them on the ground. "Did you get hurt or something? You look like you're gonna cry."

Kim crossed his arms tighter around himself. "Do you really think I'm a weirdo..?"

"Huh? Well yeah, duh. That was freakin weird earlier."

Kim's expression changed and he had to hold back from crying again. "I-it's not my fault I like boys. I don't know what's wrong with me," he huffed angrily. "Everybody else says it's so bad but I...I'm not bad!" he said, looking up and Recha and uncrossing his arms.

Recha blinked at Kim's sudden anger. "You're not weird because you like boys, stupid. You're weird because you kissed me. Who kisses their own brother? That's gross! Who cares if you like boys anyways? Girls like boys, don't they? And you're pretty girly sometimes, so what's wrong with it." Recha knelt down in front of Kim. "Jeez, you like who you like, who cares. You're still my brother. Just don't kiss me, that's always going to be gross."

Kim blinked, and the tears spilled over. "It's...okay that I like boys? You don't think that's weird or gross..?"

" That seems okay to me." When Kim looked down and curled his hands up on his knees, Recha gave a small frown. "But you still stole my first kiss. I'm getting you back for that. I don't know when, and I don't know how, but I'm gonna get you back for that."

Kim smiled lightly. "You're not good at pranks."

"No, but I'm great at revenge. And you're not a fast runner," Recha said, blowing a raspberry at Kim.

"Am too! Sorta..."

"Not faster than me. But hey, Mama's calling us for dinner," he said, pulling on the blanket from on the ground and using it to wipe at Kim's face. "If she thinks you were crying, she'll think I beat you up again. You gotta clean your face off," he said with a small grin, to which Kim chuckled softly. He'd always take care of his big brother. Even if they were technically the same age. His brother may have been a goofy weirdo, but he'd always be there for him.
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