While The Phoenix Is Away, The Mockingbird Shall Play

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While The Phoenix Is Away, The Mockingbird Shall Play

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:32 am

"Listen, I don't know why that happened, okay? I have nothing to do with it. I heal who needs to be healed and let them go on their way. I make casual conversation, but I don't tell or ask anything about missions."

"You understand where our concern lies though, don't you Lady Serenity? When you went on maternity leave, the ambushes stopped completely."

"Yes yes, I've only been informed of that about a hundred times. I've been living in the Crested for over two hundred years, why would I betray these ninja?"

A second ninja in the room spoke up. "Maybe you got tired of playing the nice guy. You have to admit, doing the same thing for over two hundred years has got to get boring, right?" The ninja speaking had orange hair, and a none too friendly expression. He seemed to be playing the 'bad cop' role. Regardless, his yellow haired colleague didn't seem to like Serenity being talked to in such a way. She'd saved his life on more than on ocassion.

"Lady Serenity, after each patient you heal, you go to look at their most recent mission file. Can you explain why?"

Serenity nodded. "I look for discrepancies."

The orange haired ninja spoke. "How would you know if something was off? Do you read the memories of your subjects?"

"Patients," Serenity corrected.

"What kind of discrepancies?" Yellow hair asked.

"Having to do with wound marks. Most weapons have a specific type of damage they deal. For example, a rigid edged kunai versus a smooth edged kunai. Certain villages generally have a specific weapon set they use."

"Like the Waterfall Village uses only miniature demon wind shurikens, not the normal ones we use," Yellow hair said, coaxing a glare out of bad cop.

"Exactly. If our ninja says there were only Waterfall ninja, but I find wounds caused by normal shuriken, obviously something is wrong and I have to bring it up."

"That's it? What do you do with information you learn from a ninja who's not of the Crested?" Bad cop asked.

"I document it, just in case. Same as with our ninja."

"You document it?"

"That's right."

"And I suppose if we check through your records, we'd find a file for all the ninja you've healed?"

"Yes you would."

"Do you make copies of them?"

"Only one, to put in the mission reports of our ninja. For ninja outside the Crested, there's only the one file."

"Well, that's convenient."

"....What do you mean?"

"If you keep the files for yourself, you can make copies whenever you like, handing them out like free candy to enemy ninjas who may want them."

Serenity glared lightly at him. "And tell me, what possible reason could I have for doing that?"

"I dunno. You tell me." With that, the orange haired ninja crossed his arms over the table and looked at Serenity expectantly.

"Hmmm, let's think then...money? I have enough of it to buy the Valley's. Power? What could I possibly do with that? Take over the villages that I can already buy? Come on Trancy, why on earth would I feed info to enemies?"

"I don't know, amusement maybe? Like I said, doing the same thing can get boring after a while."

"I have friends for 'amusement', as you put it," she said, making air quotes.

"Yes, and you've had friends for thousands of years."

The yellow haired ninja facepalmed and muttered "You idiot...."

Serenity's face visibly darkened. "Excuse me..?" Trancy seemed confused at this change. "Just how old do you think I am??" She glared at him. "Thousands of years old...I'll have you know, I'm not even two thousand!"

Trancy seemed to shrink back at this sudden outburst. "Err...s-sorry."

"You'd better be! How dare you assume me to be so old! What, did you think I was around to see the dinosaurs too, is that it?!"

"I-I, really sorry...I didn't mean to offend..."

The yellow haired ninja chuckled lowly at Trancy. "Now now, let's calm down. Trancy, I think you should leave the room for a while. You know, before she strangles you for being such an insensitive jerk." He chuckled again, seemingly amused by this situation.

"....Piss off Konner." With that, Trancy got up and left. Sitting back in her chair, Serenity crossed her arms.

"My apologies, Lady Serenity. I still have some questions for you. It shouldn't take too much longer."

Serenity sighed. "Fine."

"Now, you read the mission files after each healing, correct?"


"Do you ever talk to your patients about their missions?"

"I only ask questions relevant to their healings."

"Such as?"

"What weapons were used, what jutsu were used, were there any poisons nvolved, and if so, what village was the ninja using it from?"

"Why is that last one relevant?"

"Certain villages have their own type of poisons. If it's a new poinson, I can document it's type. If it comes up again, it will be easier to make an antidote for. If it comes up as being used by another village, we know that either the vilalges are working together, or one of them has a spy in the other."

"I see. Do you ever talk to ninja, in or out of the Crested, about missions other than their own?"

"No. Not unless it's a mission involving our own missing ninja, but then I only speculate on what may have happened."

"Do the ninja involved in the search ever check in places you suggest?"

"I suppose sometimes they might."

"Mmhm." He wished she wouldn't have said that. It made it look bad for her. "When the village finds a missingnin, dead or alive, you are able to read their minds and extract knowledge from them when you are needed to, correct?"

"Yes, but I never extract knowledge from the living, too dangerous. Only read their minds when needed."

"Do you ever read the minds of your patients?"

"No I do not."

Konner nodded and wrote something on a notepad. "Well, that's all for questions, but there is something I must inform you of."

Serenity gave him a questioning look. "And that is?"

"Considering this is an on-going investigation, all priviledges you had regarding entering the Kage tower and looking at mission files has been pulled. Any authority you had in the Crested is on suspension until this is figured out."

Serenity blinked. "Healing?"

"We cannot stop you from doing that, nor do we want to. But for safety's sake, someone might be watching you."

Had he just told her she was going to be spied on? But then something else hit her. "What about Felix Kuriyama's mission? Can I be updated on that regularly?"

Konner looked at her quizzically. "No, I'm sorry, no access to missions."

"But he's the father of my children, I want to make sure everything is fine with him!"

Konner looked thoroughly surprised at this. Had he been eating something, he might have choked, because it looked for a moment like he'd stopped breathing. "I...um...I was told no exceptions...I'm sorry Lady Serenity...but, he's a very capable ninja, I'm sure he'll be fine."

"That's not the point!"

Konner looked down. "I can arrange for you to talk to the Kage about that."

"Yes, please do."

Konner stood up. "I'll call you when I have news. For now, you're free to go."

Serenity got up and dusted herself off. "Thank you," she said, before turning and walking out. Her eyes suddenly teared a bit. This was all wrong. She'd been in the Crested for years, how could they think she was behind the ambushes? Couldn't they see she was being set up! And what killed her most was that now...hell, now she couldn't even check on how Felix was doing...well, at least he'd be back home in a few months...there was something for her to look forward to....God, she had to talk to Megan.
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