Kana Julianna Kianashi: A History

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Kana Julianna Kianashi: A History

Post by Cross on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:38 am

Age 10:

So, Kana grew up like any other child really, she had a mother and a father, though the rest of her family lived in a different village, quite far away, so they never even knew Kana existed. Her mother and father were both ANBU ranked ninjas and their skills fit together perfectly, so they were often paired up for missions. At the age of 8, Kana was enrolled in the ninja academy, and did averagely. She wasn't the best at the schoolwork, nor did she have the best aim or the most chakra control. If anything, she was actually a below average student. But over time she started adopting the phrase "I'll die before I give up!" No one, not even her parents, knew where she'd heard such a thing, as the family rarely watched television. Things were going okay for Kana, and she led a happy life, up until a little after her 11th birthday. Soon after her birthday, her parents were sent out on a mission together. This was nothing unusual, so Kana wasn't worried. In fact, she stayed at home by herself during these times, and even kept up the house and cooked.

Age 12:

But a week later Kana was informed that her parents had been KIA. Needless to say, she was heartbroken. She was give the option to take off school for a while, but only did so for two days before returning with her hair cut short. She said nothing for a long while. Her parents had been very skilled in creating jutsu, and they were well known and well loved in the village, but it wasn't very well known that they had a daughter. So when the funeral came, she was pretty much ignored. There were many, many people at the funeral, more than a hundred in fact. Kana stayed hidden in the back during the funeral processions and left immediately afterwards. She was put into an orphanage, but still allowed to attend the academy. After that, she started ignoring all her friends that she'd made before then, and always trained alone. She had managed to get a book of her parents jutsus from the house before she was taken away, and studied it every day, practicing one jutsu a week, and usually perfecting them within that week.

When she graduated the academy at age 12, she was put into her squad, but still didn't make friends. By this time she was talking again, but hardly anything friendly ever came out of her mouth. She viewed her other teammates as weak for always complaining about how tough their sensei was on them, and never hesitated to let them know it and tell them to "Suck it up". But even though she herself viewed their sensei's training as tough, she would always tell him when prompted "I'll die before I give up." To that extent, and thanks to her sensei's training of course, Kana became one of the best of the ninja in the village. One of her teammates from her first squad quit as a ninja, but never said whether it was because of the training or because of Kana's insults, and the second of her teammates died soon after becoming a Chuunin. Kana, for a while, didn't like anyone, and she only began getting attached to her sensei after finding out that he was immortal. Even today, Kana doesn't get attached to anyone, for whatever reason is unknown.

Age 25:

Today Kana has just recently been promoted to the rank of Specal Jonin, and takes on the hardest missions she can find, and quite often, even though they're not considered hard, takes on transfer missions because not many ninja want to be away from home for months or years at a time. Kana only takes those missions on because she still has no one to hold her to the Crested. In fact, about two months ago, Kana got back into the Crested from a five month transfer mission in the Village Hidden in the Sand. Taking after her parents, Kana is quite adept at creating jutsu and even keeps a small book of her ideas with her at all times. Though she's much more lively and happy now, Kana still refuses to make good friends with anyone. She calls others, "acquaintances". She usually leaves good friendships on a rather bitter note, leaving them with cold words and no good thoughts of her. She's known for this by most ninja, so they avoid trying to play nice with her, and just team up with her to do whatever mission they're assigned to. In fact, the only person she hasn't left on a cold note would be her sensei, who she's just recently seen again.

(Just thought I'd put a little background history in for Kana, so Felix knows about it. Very Happy )
(Also, I know the eyes are all different, let's just say she has brown eyes)

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