The Unknown Indeed...

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The Unknown Indeed...

Post by Cross on Sat 28 Jan 2012 - 10:28

Jasper sighed as he walked through the Unknown. He was bored as hell. It seemed that when he'd been revived (if that was actually what had happened to him), he'd been revived as his twenty-six year old self. He remembered the outfit he was wearing. Used to be one of his favorites. Black pants with a silver cross on one of the legs, bands of fabric that were loosely belted on the pant legs, a white collared shirt as well as a red tie, and his jacket with fur linings. Kept him warm when it came to going on missions in the colder areas. He sighed. Remembering the past wasn't going to get him to his final rest. He wasn't sure he even wanted to be alive, and definitely not if he had to be stuck in this place for however long it took for the blade to find it's way back to him.

Jasper hadn't encountered a single being in this never-ending wasteland of forest and hills aside from that giant half man half ram since he'd gotten here. And by now the thing was long gone. It almost seemed as if he were the only thing alive here. Hell, he would have been a bit more happy had he at least gotten to fight something. It felt like he was in purgatory here. He hated it. Giving a groan, Jasper finally stopped walking and allowed himself to fall to sitting by a random tree, a kind of which he'd never seen before. His eyes widened a bit and he blinked when, as he sat, he heard something like a squeak of fright from a child. He looked around quickly and got back up. When he didn't see or hear anything again for the next five minutes, he wrote it off as his imagination and sat back down. This time something shifted. There weren't any flowers around the why was there a daisy shivering by his side? Wait...daisies didn't shiver....

At a second glance, Jasper's breath seemed to catch. It was...a little girl. And, not in the normal sense of the word. She was literally about the size of a can of pop. It was clear that she hadn't wanted to be spotted, but the way she seemed to carry the daisy around with her as camouflage didn't help her cause. She stood there shivering as Jasper stared at her wide-eyed.

"Hey there..." he said lightly, crossing his arms over his legs and bending forward a bit to get a better look at her. She had long silver hair and yellowish-green eyes. And pointed ears on top of that. The dress she was wearing almost looked as if it were actually a part of her body, not just clothes. It looked like the petals of pink and white roses, actually.

Still holding onto the daisy, the girl peaked her head around the stem to look at Jasper, but stood rooted to the spot, as if fear had glued her to it. What a strange sight...guess it's called the Unknown for a reason, Jasper thought with a deep intake of breath. "I'm not gonna hurt you, it's okay," he told her. After a moment, she took one of her hands off the stem, but not too far off, and gave Jasper a light wave. When Jasper smiled and chuckled in disbelief, her hand shot back onto the stem quickly. What Jasper hadn't expected was that when she did that, the flower and the girl disappeared entirely. He stared at the spot in disbelief for a few moments before looking around and sighing. Great, the one thing he actually found in here that wasn't likely to try and kill him teleported away using a flower. Leaning back against the tree, Jasper sighed and crossed his arms. After another moment, he closed his eyes. But he could only close them for a moment before he felt a weight on his leg. Opening his eyes, he blinked and smiled to see that the girl was back and had climbed onto his leg and was now sitting there, looking at him. Maybe he'd found a friend.

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