Creatures of the Unknown!!

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Creatures of the Unknown!!

Post by Cross on Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:20 pm

Post up any pics as you find'em deary!

I was thinking something of a summoner for this one:

And now the less threatening ones:

And now the fairies!

Skittish and shy, yet kind. May approach humans if it feels they are not a threat.

Usually only seen at night. Extremely shy, and avoids humans and most other creatures at all costs.

Very curious. Enjoys giving four-leaf clovers to random humans that come into the Unknown. If they find the human interesting enough, they may follow them through the Unknown for a bit.

A kind fairy, usually taking the form of a white flower. They're not very active, except for in spring when they wander around the Unknown.

Extremely mischievous. Luckily, these fairies are rather rare in the Unknown, but be prepared to have a wicked nasty creature coming after you if you happen to find one.

Less rare than it's female counterpart, and much less evil in it's pranks. This little imp of a fairy enjoys making branches fall on people's heads and conjuring up pitfalls for it's victims, only to snicker about it and wait around to watch how it's target reacts to it's pranks.

.......I think we need more not-so-threatening creatures. ^.^;

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