In An Alternate Dimension...

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In An Alternate Dimension...

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:28 am

I just had a thought...could you imagine an alternate version of how Felix saved Serenity in our original flashback? I mean like, Ser does end up getting her throat cut and 'dying', Felix kills the bandits just for fun and moves on like it's nothing. Though a few days (or weeks) after, he happens to pass through the Crested on his way home, and noticing that same blond girl walking the streets. She casts a glance to him, he stops in place. She merely gives him a light smile and continues on. From here it turns into some kind of comedic ghost story. Felix starts thinking he can see ghosts, and ends up trying to convince Serenity that she's a ghost and simply needs to pass on. Serenity is highly amused by this, and after a while, starts playing along, feeding Felix's little 'fantasy', as she would call it. When Felix finally thinks she's about to pass on, their journeys have taken them to the front of Serenity's home, though clearly Felix does not know this. When Serenity says her 'final goodbye to the human realm', she bids Felix adieu and simply turns and walks into her home. Leaving a very confused Felix to wonder what had just happened.
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