The Blackbird's Wonderland

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The Blackbird's Wonderland

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:56 pm

A little blackbird once wandered into the gates of a strange land, with strange creatures. But when she wandered in, she'd had no idea of the tasks she'd be required to complete in order to leave and return to her own world...Nothing she knew in this world fit what she knew in her world. Everything was strange, extraordinary, and most of all....peculiar. With the gates having disappeared behind her, the little blackbird ventured forwards, completely unawares of what she was to face. For a strange silver striped cat had crossed her path, and befriended her, only showing up to help her when it seemed she needed no assistance at all. But this had brought the little blackbird to the attention of a merciless Queen. The Queen of this strange place the blackbird had learned to call Wonderland.

Running into more strange creatures along the way, the little blackbird was told that if she found a way to defeat the Queen, perhaps the inhabitants of Wonderland might help her find her way home. Might. And thus, the blackbird's adventure begins...

Alice: Kana
Queen of Hearts: Serenity
Cheshire Cat: Felix
Mad Hatter: Kymin
March Hare: Dantes
Dormouse: Boreas
White Rabbit: Alice
Tweedle dee and tweedle dum: Stephen and Walker
Caterpillar: Kim
King of Hearts: ???
Jabberwocky: DK

I have to finish this later. We'll post up the characters and their roles asap, this is gonna be fun!!
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