Unorthodox Methods

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Unorthodox Methods

Post by Batsu on Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:38 pm

Felix had been called in to meet Izua for God knew what reason. Felix didn't recall doing anything wrong this time. He'd been training the kids properly and he hadn't been ignoring Kana. As far as he knew, he was doing everything right. Not to mention he wasn't scheduled for any missions, so just why was he being called in. Maybe it was something that had just come up. Felix knocked on the door twice and then walked in. "What's up Izua?"

The Captain was standing near the window. The older man turned and looked at Felix. "Why can't you do right?"

Felix raised a brow. "Thanks for the greeting....what'd I do wrong now?" Felix took a chair and sat down in it. His silver hair sliding into his blue eyes.

Izua shook his head. "Felix, I got a mother up here the other day. She says that her kid keeps coming home looking like he's just gotten from war. This same mother said her son came home from training with a hole in his arm on the first day." Izua did not look happy.

Felix gave a sigh. Now he had parents reporting problems. "Listen, that wa-"

"Felix, your methods of training are Unorthodox! You're going to kill those kids. In the past ten years that you have been training squads here, seven of your students have died during your training. These children are children! What is your problem? Do you hate kids or something? If so then just ask to quit being a sensei. Don't make these ids suffer because you have problems. I'm getting all the heat because of your actions. I am not your babysitter, I am your superior. Get your damn act together Kuriyama."

Felix was silent for a moment. "I...I'm not trying to kill them and I have nothing against children...I'm just training them to be the best."

"Well your training is going to land you in suspension. You don't get injured during training Felix. When parents complain, they go to the Kage, the Kage calls me in, I get yelled at by the both of them. I'm sick of watching your ass Felix. We're not in the field any more." Izua took a seat. "You need to change something before there are more than just complaints. Not every one likes the way of a ninja. People will start talking if this keeps up. You already have a reputation here, and we both know it's not pleasant." Felix couldn't help the grin that spread across his face at the last statement. Izua was clearly not happy with that grin either. "This isn't a game!"

"Like I don't know that. I've been putting up with crap too. I took that brat and allowed her on the team these talentless brats several hours every day of the week. I'm not saying I don't want to be a sensei, but this is going no where. If I don't push them to be the best then why both training them? If they can't handle it, then why bother being on my squad. They could have walked away, but they stayed, does that not say something. Am I still not doing something right?" Felix was purely on the defensive. "If the parents have issues then send them to me."

"Kuriyama, just change your methods. Next time it won't be me talking to you about this, it'll be the Kage," was all Izua said before he gave a dismissive wave.

Felix stayed seated for a moment longer before getting up and walking out. They want me to change my methods, fine. I'll train them like every other sensei in this lousy village.

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