Ambush: Brotherhood

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Ambush: Brotherhood

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The morning sun wasn't what woke Felix up, but rather Meridian poking him in the side. "Hey Felix," she started. "You're going to be late for your mission...." Immediately the silver haired Shinobi got up and ran into the bathroom, ignoring Meridian's giggles. She clearly didn't understand the importance of this mission. Turning on the shower, he undressed and hoped in. "How did I sleep in," he groaned. Getting out, he ran got dressed in his clothes and headed into the room. "Come on so I can take you home," he said, his hair soaked with water.

Meridian looked at Felix with a smile. She was sitting on the bed, pinning up her hair. "You should probably eat breakfast first," she said, looking at him with her head tilted. "And maybe check the clock," she mused. Her blue eyes lit up as Felix gave her a look. "Hey, I just said you were going to be late, not that you are late."

Felix sighed and walked over to the bed and collapsed onto the soft sheets. "You are cruel Meridian." Her sweet laugh was enough to make him smile despite the fact that she'd made him panic for no reason. "Anyway, let's go to breakfast so that I can get you some food before I have to head off."

Meridian nodded. "Sure," she said as she got up. "Let me shower and dry your hair before you get sick," she said as she sang her way to the bathroom.

Felix caught the towel that she threw at him. "Thank you," he said as he dried his hair out.

"You're welcome."

Felix took Meridian to breakfast, walked her home, and then headed for his own home. His mother was waiting for him. After a quick exchange of words and hugs, Felix headed for the village gates. Waiting for him where the three ninja he'd be going on the mission with. Ashton Ferah the leader of the group. He was an ANBU. Kagaro Toshimori, a Jonin who was less than social. Last was Holland Yakra, the strongest of the group and a jonin.

"Hey little brother, I didn't think you were going to show," Holland greeted jokingly. "Ready for the greatest adventure of a lifetime?" Felix nodded. He adjusted the strap on his bag and then followed the group out the gates.

Ashton began to speak. "Our objective as of this moment is to meet the Stealth ninja in their village. There we will be debriefed and then sent off to the Gears with our Stealth allies." The following three ninja each gave a nod, showing they understood what was going on. It was a two week travel to the Stealth. The Village of Fallen Rains was isolated from all other villages. Very few knew the village even existed.

As they walked, Holland slowed his pace so that he was walking side by side with Felix. "So little brother, how've you been these past few weeks?"

Felix had been looking at Meridian's locket. When he heard Holland speaking to him, he closed it and put it into his shirt. "I've been okay," he spoke. "Not many missions have been coming my way, so this is sort of exciting. It's my first transfer mission too." Felix smiled. "And the first time I've been to the Valleys."

Holland grinned and placed his arm across Felix's shoulder. "Felix, you're going to enjoy this trip. You should make sure to bring Meridian something back." The black eyed man gave a grin. "Speaking of, how is she?"

"She's good," Felix replied. "We're getting engaged...once I get back that is. I don't have enough money for an engagement ring just yet, so I'm hoping this mission will cover the cost."

Holland's black eyes lit up. "Wait, your marrying Meridian? Oh boy, that is rich," the older ninja said with a nod. He moved away from Felix and went to Ashton and Kagaro. "Do you two remember the pretty orange haired girl from last night's festival I pointed out. The one with the bright blue eyes."

Kagaro looked at Holland with little interest, but Ashton was a bit kinder. "Yes, why?" They clearly had not heard the conversation between Felix and Holland.

The blue haired ninja grinned. "My little brother is going to marry that pretty girl. That means we have to get him back home in one piece."

Ashton gave a small chuckle. "Congratulations, Felix."

Felix gave an embarrassed smile. "Thank you."

The two week trip was exhausting due to the extensive pace they were moving at. Ashton was eager to go ahead and get to the Stealth so that they could get this mission over with. Two days of rest was all the Fallen Rains Ninja needed before heading to Gears with four other shinobi from the Stealth. Felix found that the Gears was a fairly advanced village. Everything was like clock work here. Considering he was the only Chuunin on the mission, he tried not to look so excited. The first year was a breeze, but there was a storm on the horizon, and it would change everything.

It was raining heavily, for a storm was coming through the area. Everyone was bunkered down in their homes, waiting out the storm. Unfortunately for the Fallen Rains and Stealth ninja, they were called out of the safety of the building when a Gears ninja told them that a large tree had fallen on the gate, leaving the village exposed to outer attacks. The group of eight quickly made their way out into the raging storm.

When they arrived on the scene, large was the understatement of the year. The tree was huge and it would take more than eight ninja to move it. Ashton, who was in charge of the Fallen Rain's ninja, directed each shinobi to take a side, to see if they could move the tree. The Stealth followed their led, but it was impossible.

"What do we do now," Holland asked. "The wall was the only thing stopping the storm from completely entering the village," he called over the rain and wind.

Ashton shook his head. "Felix, can you summon something to move this tree," he asked. Felix was one of the best summoners in the village, which was why he was one of the few Chuunin ever to go on an A-Ranked transfer mission.

The silver haired Chuunin gave a small nod. "Sure, but I'll need Holland's help." He looked to the blue haired Jonin. "Crimson Twins," he said. "With both of them, we can probably move it."

Holland gave a small wave. "Ready when you are."

Felix and Holland had come up with a unified jutsu a while before leaving for the mission. It was a summoning that brought about twin Racoons with crimson fur. Alone they were good, but together, they were unstoppable.

Both ninja pulled their scrolls and laid them on the ground, summoning the Crimson Twins. The Raccoons had red fur with black paws, ears, and mask.

"Alright boys, let's get this tree on the other side of the gate," Felix said. Both the Raccoons nodded and hurried to the tree. They were not normal sized raccoons, so lifting the tree was easy, or so it could have been if another tree hadn't fallen down the moment the two racoons had started to lift the first one.

Felix looked to Ashton. "You think this was on purpose," he asked. His blue eyes narrowed against the wind. "There weren't any reports of a storm, and this just came out of nowhere. And it's tearing apart the village."

Ashton looked at the Chuunin. "You have a point. You and Holland stay here and get these trees up so you can get that wall fixed. Kagaro, you come with me. We're going to scout that gates, make sure this isn't a jutsu." He looked to the Stealth ninja. "You mind checking inside the village, making sure everyone is safe and the other wall isn't exposed." The Stealth ninja nodded and took off, visibly struggling in the storm.

The rain was nothing knew to Fallen Rains. They'd get these storms every now and then in their village. Walking side by side, Ashton and Kagaro took off on their own.

Felix and Holland on the other hand stayed where they were to get the trees up. "That top one is larger than the first, what are we going to do," he asked.

Holland shrugged. "Can you summon something bigger?"

The silver haired Chuunin thought for a moment. "Sure." He looked at the trees. Pulling a scroll out, Felix tossed it into the air. "Rise of the Thunder Guardian." The ground beneath them shook lightly and then a blue creature appeared out of the scroll.

"What the hell is that," Holland asked.

Felix grinned. "This here is a Thunder Guardian. Well, a replica of one. When I was younger I met one and just recently I figured why not make a Summoning of it."

"And you don't think that would piss the original guardian off," Holland asked.

Felix shrugged. "Don't know. If anything it should be honored." The blue eyed ninja gave a small smile and then pointed to the tree. "Get rid of it," he told the Guardian. The blue beast wrapped it's arms over the tree and tossed it to the side, giving the Crimson Twins a chance to move the smaller one. Felix turned to Holland. "See, all is good. Let's fix this wall and then head back to the hotel, the water is icy cold."

Holland smirked. "Only you Felix, only you." Without breaking a sweat, the Jonin made a nice little wall to fill the hole. Afterwards him and Felix headed home, but the pair were soon pacing the room when they noticed the extensive amount of time Ashton and Kagaro were taking to return.

"Do you think they got attacked," Felix asked quietly.

Holland only shook his head. "I don't know. Perhaps they checked it out and decided to go get drinks. Despite his cool demeanor, Kagaro's quite the drinker and the man holds his liquor well." Holland was of course trying to be positive, because he too was worried.

Felix wasn't used to these types of mission, so he was going to trust Holland. The older Jonin, who was twenty eight had been doing this kind of stuff for years. Graduating at the top of his class and pushing past all the challenges to become an excellent ninja. It was a surprise to everyone when the Elders of the Village offered him the spot of ANBU, but he denied the job. Felix had later asked him why and Holland's response was simple. "Too much paperwork," the blue haired ninja had said. "Besides, if I become a ANBU, I'll be gone all the time. I'm happy where I'm at." He then gave Felix a tiny smirk. "And who's going to keep an eye out for you if something happens to me, little brother."

Holland had decided to wait a while longer before they decided to head out and find their other teammates. When there was no trace of them at the local bar, both left the village in search of their missing teammates.


"Huh?" The younger ninja had been caught up in the rain. It was pouring so strangely.

"I saw movement up ahead, stay here while I go check it out."

Felix nodded and drew a kunai as Holland disappeared into the trees. Felix looked to his left and then to his right. The storm was obstructing his vision. The Chuunin waited silently until he heard a sharp noise that made him look above him. A branch had snapped above him. Felix dove out of the way. Standing up, he looked at the branch and then up as he heard someone speak.

"I can't believe I missed," someone above him stated disappointingly. Felix spotted the man with green hair a moment too late. Before he could react, the guy was already on him, driving a kunai into his shoulder. Felix hit the ground with a thud. Rolling over, he took his kunai and planted it in the Shinobi's chest. Getting back to his feet, Felix took off to find Holland. It was a good thing he did, because the older shinobi was surrounded. Felix froze. Where had all of these ninja come from? It seemed like one of those fight of flight moments. Felix took in a slow breath and backed away. When he bumped into someone he turned to see Ashton.

The blond haired shinobi was wounded. His left eye was covered in blood and his leg was bleeding from a large wound. "Follow me," he said as he led Felix to a spot tangled with bushes and branches. "We'll get him out, but first we need a plan."

Felix nodded. "Where's Kagaro?"

"We got separated," Ashton said. "In the meantime, help me make a distraction," he said.

Felix nodded and looked around. If he summoned anything, it would cause those ninja to come in their direction. There were at least twelve down there with Holland and possibly even more hidden. "Can you run," he asked his squad leader. Ashton shook his head, causing Felix to sigh. "Alright, I'm going to cause an explosion, it should buy you enough time to get out of here and find Kagaro. Get back to the village and send us help," he ordered Ashton. It felt weird telling his commander what to do, but if Ashton was injured, he wouldn't be much help.

Felix then dove off into the opposite bushes and got to work on setting up explosive tags everywhere. He just hoped Holland would run. When he was sure that everything was set, he went into the opposite direction of Ashton and the tags. Giving a loud whistle, Felix waited for the ninja to look in his direction. He was well hidden, so he quickly sent a kunai in the direction of the tags. They exploded and sent debris everywhere. Felix hadn't anticipated on it being so power or loud. He couldn't hear anything. Thankfully the explosion drew the ninja away from Holland. All but two, which Holland quickly disposed of.

"Holland! Up here, hurry."

The blue haired jonin didn't hesitate to climb the hill. "Let's go before they come back."

Felix didn't have to be told twice. Both of them hurried into the forest and tried finding their way back to the village. They were somewhat familiar with the forest by now, but they couldn't see a damn thing in this storm.

A growl made both of them stop and turn around. Holland threw a kunai until he saw what was coming through the trees. A large crocodile that was definitely a summoning. It's teeth like those of a shark and its eyes like that of a cat.

"Run," Holland said as he turned, pushing Felix.

Felix turned away and sprinted through the forest. The rain pelted against his face like icy drops and the twigs of the lower branches slapped at his face. With Holland hard on his heels and the crocodile seconds behind, there was no room for mistakes.

"Climb," Holland shouted.

Felix found a tree with a low branch and jumped onto it, pushing himself up he started to climb as quickly as he could. When he was high enough, he reached down to help Holland up, but just as the Jonin jumped for the lower branch, the crocodile's teeth snapped down on his arm. Holland's scream made Felix cringed as he watched Holland get dragged to the ground. The scaly creature did a death roll, twisting Holland's arm and then it snapped down again. A sickening crunch drew another scream from Holland.

Felix was honestly frozen in fear. He wasn't sure what he should do. Save Holland was at the top of the list, but how? That crocodile was huge. Felix sucked up his fear and then jumped down onto the crocodile's back, driving a kunai into it's neck. It was enough to make the thing let Holland go. The black eyed jonin crawled away in pain, leaving Felix to fend for himself.

With his one victim gone, the crocodile turned on Felix. It turned it's neck and snapped at the silver haired Chuunin. Felix quickly jumped off and pulled a scroll. The crocodile came slamming right into it, knocking Felix into a nearby tree. His vision blurred slightly, but that didn't stop Felix from pulling out another scroll, luring the crocodile away from Holland. The thing rammed into it again, but Felix dove out of the way. He did this several times over until there were at least five scrolls on the large creature.

"Ninja Art: Seal of the Water Spirits." Felix may not have been happy about the rain because of the zero visibility, but it was going to help him stop this monster.

The seals on the crocodile began to glow with bright blue and white lights before becoming a prism. With the crocodile immobilized, Felix hurried to Holland who was being helped up by Kagaro and Ashton.

"Boy is it good to see you guys," Felix breathe.

Ashton nodded with a small smile. "Let's get back to the village."

Felix nodded and followed after his Captain. It wasn't until they'd gotten to a small abandoned shack did Felix realize they were not going back to the village, but farther away from it. He wondered if Holland had realized it too. Instead of making a big deal about it, he started planning how they were going to get out of this. Felix also wondered if this was the real Holland. What if everyone was separated? Felix tried not to panic.

The moment Ashton stopped staying they were going to rest, Felix took a seat next to Holland. The blue haired shinobi was going in and out of consciousness. Felix hoped he was okay. "You alright?"

Holland nodded. "Little brother, we're in trouble," he whispered quietly. "That's not Kagaro or Ashton. We need to get out of here, but my arm is shot."

"I know." Felix said. "I've got a plan already."

Holland held his arm. "I'm all ears."

Felix quickly told Holland his plan. Fifteen minutes later, the plan was being executed. Felix had called for help because Holland had 'passed out' and wouldn't wake up. Ashton was the first to come over, followed by Kagaro. With a few quick blows, both of the imposters were dead. Holland and Felix quickly headed off towards the village, but were instantly pursued. Felix's heart sunk. Why couldn't they just get a break.

The second they were surrounded, it was a fight for survival. Neither of the shinobi were capable of taking on all the ninja without sustaining greater injuring. When it was over, Holland had ended up having to dragged Felix into the best cover he could find. It wasn't much, but it was enough to keep them hidden from their new pursuers. The Jonin didn't understand why these guys were still after them. They had killed both Ashton and Kagaro, while Felix and himself had fled. This should be over with, they were no threat. Laying Felix down, the jonin eased himself to the soggy floor and leaned against a tree. Holland wasn't sure what he should do. There was no way he'd be able to defend Felix in the condition he was in. His arm was broken in two different places and his leg was wounded to the point where he was afraid it may have been fractured. The countless wounds he'd acquired were also a hindrance to him. And the rain was also a big setback. Holland shook his head. They were in a bit of a jam and it was only going to get worse.

Felix had been unconscious for a while now, but the Chuunin woke up with a jolt, groaning in agony. "Wh-what happened," he asked as he tried sitting up, but found he couldn't sit up with a piercing pain ripping through his mid-section. Felix fell back down and curled up, swearing heavily.

Holland quickly pulled him over to the tree so he could sit up. "Hey, hey, quiet down. We're not in the clear just yet." He knew Felix was just as badly injured as he was, but they needed to stay quiet to stay alive. They also needed to get out of this rain before their injures got infected.

"What happened," Felix asked again. He was holding his mid-section, trying to stop the bleeding from a wound that he'd received early.

"We got ambushed. Ashton and Kagaro are dead. The Stealth ninja never came for us and if they did, they didn't make it. I don't know where the ninja of the Gears are." Holland wiped water from his face and looked around the tree. "Whoever ambushed us doesn't want witnesses though. They've been pursuing us for a good while now. I think this whole thing was a setup and we fell for it."

Felix swore under his breath. "I just wanted to pay for her ring," he mumbled in distress.

"Don't worry, you'll get back home to Meridan." Holland tried to be positive for both their sanity.

Felix shook his head. "Not if this bleeding doesn't stop," he spoke. Felix had never seen so much blood in his life. "It won't stop."

Holland turned his gaze back to Felix, his silver haired teammate was shaking fiercely. He wasn't sure if it was from the rain or from the loss of blood. Whichever it was, the blood was his main priority. Holland was not a medical ninja, never cared for them, and never learned the basics, so this was going to be trouble. Ripping a piece of his shirt, he wrapped it around Felix's mid-section and tied it tight, ignoring the silver haired jonin's protest. "Quiet, this might just save your life." Felix only groaned in response.

It seemed like a lifetime before the two heard footsteps coming in their direction. Both went very silent as the footsteps came to a stop right near them. By this time, Holland had laid down on his stomach to stay low to the ground. Felix was doing the same.

"I thought I heard something," a voice said.

"It's probably just the rain or some animal, let's keep moving," a different voice responded. "We have to find them." The other guy didn't seem happy, but they continued to move forward.

Holland waited a full five minutes before moving. "I think we're good," he said as he got out of the mud. When he didn't hear Felix get up, he quickly turned to the younger ninja. "Felix?" Felix didn't reply, sending Holland into a panic. He turned the silver haired Chuunin over. "Felix?" He shook him several times and then checked his pulse. "Damn it," he growled. "Felix, if you die on me, I'll never forgive you!" Without a second thought, the blue haired Jonin started compressions. His broken arm ached with pain as he did so, but he had to wake Felix up.

"You have to wake up Felix. Meridian and you are supposed to get married and have little Felix Jr.'s running around. I'm supposed to be an uncle! You do not get to die!" Holland looked at the wound from earlier. It was still bleeding and it seemed that it was bleeding even more than before. "No..." Stopping the compressions, Holland began to press down on the bleeding wound. "Come on Felix, I need you to wake up." Knowing he had to get Felix breathing again, he left the wound alone for a few moments and began compressions once more.

Felix finally came to. "I'm awake," he breath weakly.

Holland sighed with relief. "Good, you had me worried." He was still worried, but at least the guy was alive. "Let's give it another ten or fifteen minutes and then we'll try and get back to the village," he said quietly.

Felix only nodded, but he could do nothing more than that.

Holland too was tired. He had a feeling that neither of them were getting out of here alive, so he did what he was trained to do. Keep calm and just talk, light conversation. He put his back to Felix's before speaking.

"You know, if you wanted a ring, you could have came to me," he said. "I could have given you the money."

Felix smiled. "I wanted it to be special. Everything was going to come from me," he informed the jonin. "That's why I didn't come to you."


Both gave a small laugh.

As the time ticked by, Holland started to feel funny. A shortness of breath was causing him to cough every now and then. He knew what it was, or at least what it might have been. A piece of bone had broken lose and had traveled through his blood stream until it reached his lungs, blocking the blood flow. He swallowed and gave a low sigh.

"You still alive, little brother?"


"I want you to know that it's been a good run. This past year has been a blast, but I think this is the end of the line for me. When you get home, tell my sister-in-law to be that I said congratulations on the marriage. And that you have to name at least one kid after me."

Felix's heart sunk. "What?"

"I'm done little brother, I'm not going to be able to get back to the village, but maybe you can. Besides, you'll be able to move faster without me." Holland closed his eyes.

Felix shook his head. "No, we stick together. You told me I can't die, so neither can you."

Holland sighed. "You're going to make a great ninja."

Felix didn't respond. He didn't want to sit here as Holland died. Felix didn't want to be stuck out here alone. His blue eyes watered with tears that he let flow silently. This was not the way things were supposed to go.

Hours had started to tick by, but neither moved, but both were alive. It was as if they were waiting for the ninja to come back or death, whichever came first. Thankfully a miracle happened instead. The sound of footsteps woke Holland, but not Felix because they were very light. A woman with white hair looked down at the two shinobi with beady eyes.

"Can you get help for us," Holland asked.

The woman smiled kindly. "Sure." She then took off down the path.

When she returned, she had two ninja with her. Holland's heart sunk. This was not happening. He was glad he hadn't woken up Felix.

"Bring the silver haired one to my house, kill the other," the woman said as she turned away and headed off.

Holland looked at the two ninja that were standing over him as he spoke to Felix. "I don't know if you can hear me little brother, but whatever happens, you have to make it home. I'll see you on the other side once this is all over." The death blow came quickly, leaving Holland lifeless and Felix unconscious and defenseless as he was taken away.

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