The Onihana Kekkai Genkai

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The Onihana Kekkai Genkai

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:24 am

Unlike most clans, whose kekkai genkai can be used during their lifetime, the clan of Onihana (which also means 'demon flower') is used between lifetimes. The technique is named after the clan, as "Devil's Flower Jutsu". As each and every child is born to the clan, a jutsu is placed upon them so that a soul of a past life is sealed within the child, pushing out the unaged soul within it. Despite many attempts to stop what some call a 'barbaric' practice, the kekkai genkai of this clan has continued to go strong, making the Onihana clan unbelievably powerful, as their members learn new jutsu to add onto piles upon piles of other jutsu with each 'rebirth'.

Once a member of the Onihana family dies, their soul is immediately torn out, and awaits it's new transfer in the hidden cavern of the family. A soul must wait seventy-five years before it can be transferred to a new body, at which time the parents are to bring their child to the 'family temple' to be baptized. This is, essentially, the Onihana's recipe for immortality, and while most members retain their personalities from their past lives, along with their memories, it's been known, every now and then, that a member will go insane and make a deal with a demon in order to free their souls from the seemingly never ending cycle. And while there are usually a good many souls on standby for transfer, rarely the family will fall short, and a new soul is added into the Onihana family, producing a rare individual to the group.

Even though each member of the family retains their memory, with every new generation, the names and appearances of the individuals are changed, in order to prevent certain members from being captured and interrogated if they were of high influence in their past life.
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