Beyond the Darkness

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Beyond the Darkness

Post by The Godfather on Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:14 am

All his lost memories were coming back to him, but Felix didn't say anything to anyone about it. It was none of their concern. The blue eyed shinobi didn't even realize his memories had been missing. To think
he'd forgotten his brother Holland. To think he'd forgotten Syndryl and the journey through Madness. To think he'd forgotten his encounter with the water spirit. All of these essential memories had just flown out the window and he hadn't even know. What bothered him the most was that the memories were still returning, but they weren't in order and Felix wasn't sure when it would stop. Amnesia was not the mastermind behind his lost memories, it was the one woman he'd trusted since he knew he'd become immortal, Kyla. Felix wasn't telling anyone why he was going to the Rock, or at least he wasn't telling them the real reason. He had just told them that he was going back to his second home for a few weeks. A vacation of the sort. What he was really doing was going to find Kyla and confront her. He wanted to know why she'd done this?

Three days was all it took to get there to the Rock. Felix headed straight for her home, not bothering to visit the Rock first. There was nothing there for him. Knocking once, he waited for the hag to open the door. Over the years he'd began to forgive her, but now they were back to scare one, or at least they would be once Felix was done with her. When Kyla answered the door with a greeting smile, Felix pushed past her and walked into the house. The old woman nearly shrugged and closed the door behind him.

"You're troubled my boy, what's wrong?"

Felix clenched his fist. "Why did you make me an immortal," Felix asked. "You took everything from me! My brother, my mother, my lover, and my memories!" Felix didn't even try and keep his voice down.

Kyla clearly didn't know the silver haired male's memories had returned to him. It was a real hindrance to everything she'd worked for. "Because, it's your destiny."

"Don't give me that crap," Felix snapped. "You could have chosen anyone! Anyone! You could have chose someone that had nothing, but you chose a 12 year old boy that had everything! Why would you do that? Why couldn't you just leave me be?"

"It was your fault for playing near the water, you disobeyed your mother's warning, you brought this upon yourself," Kyla snapped back. "If anything I did you a favor! I gave you life!"

"What's the point if everyone around me dies," Felix asked. "What's the point if I have nothing to live for?"

Kyla gave a disbelieving chuckle. "But you do have a purpose Felix," Kyla said as she walked closer to him. "Your purpose has been laid out before you. You are to make that witch suffer." Felix tried to back away, but the table was keeping him from moving. "You were born to make her suffer. So many years ago her father was mine, but then Serenity was born, and I was left alone."

"But why me? Why must I bear this burden? Why must I be the one to carry out your revenge?" Felix didn't understand. He didn't understand why he'd been dragged into this?

"Because, you my boy, you are the key. You are a reminder of her first love, but you have nothing but rage and hate to give her, not love. With the loss of everyone around you, you become stronger. You are destined to be a God among mortals. You are beyond them, beyond her. You are to bring her to her knees and make her suffer the way I did. Break her heart and leave nothing for her to cling to. That is why you have been chosen."

"But I didn't ask for this," Felix said. "I didn't ask to be an immortal. I didn't ask to be dragged into your war! I had everything I wanted and you snatched it all away! You wanted to take everything away from
Serenity, but instead you took everything from me! You lead that damned wolf to the village and made us go to Kokuboro's pass! You unleashed Madness on the village and killed everyone! You made me watch Meridian's death, believing that I would die with her, but I didn't, I lived." Felix was speaking through tears by this time. "You wiped out my village! My home!" Felix bowed his head. "You killed my brother in cold blood. You turned me against the world. You turned me into a monster!"

"I gave you a gift."

"The hell with your gift! I wanted to live the life of a mortal! I was happy! I was happy!" Felix pushed Kyla away from him, making the old woman stumble backwards and fall. "You think you've done me a service, but you've done nothing but turn me into something that shouldn't exist. I am no longer your tool. I am no longer your immortal. I live my own life from here on out, and if you don't like it, then you can rot in hell." Felix's chakra became visible, forming into the blue demon.

Kyla only smiled. "And this is why you are who you are. Your anger gives life to the beast within." She stood up. "And try not to be foolish Felix, you're mine whether you like it or not." She raised her
hand and something sharp wrapped around his left arm and then his right. A moment later it snatched him back towards the wall, holding him there. Felix struggled against it, but it only tore at his flesh. He took a brief moment to see what was holding him, not sure how to react to seeing barbwire keeping him in place.

"Let me go," he snapped. The Blue Demon was slowly becoming solid, snapping fangs at Kyla, but she quickly extinguished it with a ball of energy.

"I told you Felix," the old woman began. "I've been planning this since before your birth. I didn't just kill your mother, your brother, and your lover, but your father too." She gave an devilish smile. "He was in the way too, they all were. You thought everyone died because of coincidence, no, it was all my doing."

To fear an old woman was crazy, but Felix didn't care. This hag had killed everyone and everything he'd ever known for the sake of revenge. Just like Aidelia. Felix felt sick and it wasn't from the smell of blood that was dripping from his arms.

"Now, hold still," Kyla said as a piece of barbwire wrapped around his neck, tightening around his airway until he could barely breath. "I have to get rid of that wretched demon inside of you. It's becoming a hassle. Afterwards, we'll make sure you complete your task, then maybe you can go and join that girl you're always whining about."

Felix couldn't speak because he couldn't breath. The wire was cutting into his throat. Death he wasn't so much worried about, but as he'd told Serenity over and over again, the pain was what counted.

Kyla's hand glowed yellow as she placed it on Felix's chest, but her hand didn't stop there, it went straight through until she'd reached the source of his chakra. With a quick jerk of her hand, she snatched the Blue Demon's essence right from Felix.

The immortal's eyes widened as the chakra that had been flowing through him for so long just suddenly disappeared. It was as if someone had just cut him in half with a razor sharp knife. Coughing lightly, Felix flinched as the barbwire cut through his flesh.

"Not so tough now are we," Kyla said. "Tsk, tsk. Too bad we're not done. You thought your heart was broken before, but we're going to put a chain around it, to make sure you feel no guilt about anything. The heart is such a powerful organ," she said as she walked away to wash her hands and get some tea.

Felix narrowed his eyes and tried removing himself from the wire that kept him in place. It was fruitless, but he was going to get out.

"You might want to stop moving," she said. "I'd hate to miss." She took a seat on the couch with her tea.

It was enough to make Felix freeze, but not for long. Something sharp pierced his back and then the skin and finally his heart. The pain was all too real. Felix let out a scream, but it did no good. He was sure no one could hear him. If he'd ever felt defenseless in his life, it was now. He tried to pull away, but there was a tugging on his heart as he felt the barbwire move around it, encasing it in a cage of tiny daggers. Blood trickled from his mouth as he coughed fiercely. He couldn't move and he couldn't breath. All he could do was deal with it. Felix leaned his head back against the walls, screaming silently.

"Hurts doesn't it. You'll live," Kyla stated simply. "Now, that little cage there will make sure you make her life a living hell. Since love is such a wretched emotion, I have decided to prevent you from doing so. Any feelings you have for her will tighten that little cage, making it a bit uncomfortable for you, but I'm sure if it gets tight enough you'll stop whatever you're doing. An insult or two should make it loosen up." Kyla sipped her tea. "As soon as I finish with my tea I'll let you free."

It however wasn't that simple. Kyla had to go through the entire pot of tea before letting him free. But before she did that, she took away the one thing that Felix valued more than anything, his golden locket.

"Please don't," Felix begged quietly.

"This thing is trash and a constant reminder of all that is in the past," Kyla hissed. "It needs to be disposed of." She then tossed it into the fireplace where it melted into nothing, destroying the only pictures Felix had of his mother and Meridian.

Loud as day, Felix her Meridian scream his name as the last remnants of her soul vanished into nothing.

That started him into a whole new fit which Kyla quickly shut down. When he was silent, she finally let him down. Felix didn't even protest when he was released. He knew he was beaten. The lose of blood had drained him of energy and the pain had thrown him into shock. Slowly he started out of the house, letting Kyla open the door for him. That impish smile made him sick.

"Oh, and Felix, before you go, if you try and remove my little mechanism, you'll regret being born."

"I already do," he mumbled.

(Theme Music)

Felix didn't know where he was going. Home wasn't an option, he was far too tired. So he just walked for hours. Nothing felt real. When he made it to a river, he stopped for water, but everything hurt. Everything hurt so much that when he reached down he fell in. The current was strong enough to sweep him away, but he didn't fight it. As it took him downstream and dropped him into a large pool, Felix sank to the bottom, his eyes closed as his blood stained the water. Water filled his lungs as he sank deeper and deeper into the darkness.

He was back in the Fallen Rain, two years after his return from the Gears. He was sitting in the hospital with Meridian. She was laying down, sick. Everyone was getting sick and going crazy. There were rumors saying the Madness had escaped Kokuboro's Pass, but Felix wouldn't believe that Meridian was sick with madness. Then again, all who got sick turned on their loved ones. Felix looked away from the window to Meridian. "Please get well soon," he whispered to his sleeping lover. Days passed, but there was no signs of her getting better.

"Felix," Meridian said quietly. "Do you love me," she asked.

The blue eyed shinobi nodded. "Of course I love you, I'll always love you."

Meridian gave a weak smile. "Take me to the lake," she asked. "I want to see the lake one last time."

Felix's heart sank. "Please don't leave me," Felix begged as he rushed over to her. "Meridian, you're all I have. If I lose you then what do I have to live for?"

The blue eyed girl smiled. "I'll always be here," she said pointing to his heart. "Forever and always, Felix J. Kuriyama."

To lose his mother was one thing, to lose Meridian was too much. Slowly he lifted her out of bed and carried her down the stairs of the hospital, ignoring their protest. Felix slowly started to the lake. Meridian's pale arms wrapped around his neck and her head laying against his chest. Soft tear drops hitting her face as Felix cried.

"Don't be sad Felix-kun," she whispered.

How could he not be sad, Meridian was dying, she was too young to die. He was in love with her and always would be, but what would he do when she was gone?

A shout broke though his thoughts. He slowly paused and turned to see the village burning. Madness really had taken over. In the distance he could see people turning against each other. Was this the end of the Fallen Rains? The end of him and Meridian? The end of everything?

"It's as beautiful as always," Meridian whispered against his chest.

Felix stopped as something sliced across his side, driving so deep that he nearly dropped Meridian. Felix turned to see who had attacked him, but no one was there. He looked to Meridian, who had a bloody kunai in her hands. Felix's soul wilted away as he saw the look in her eyes, they were bright with Madness. A look that he'd seen in Meeko's eyes before she'd died. Felix ripped the kunai from Meridian's hands as he bled out. He pulled her into a tight hug and hurried to the lake, where he collapsed on the ground.

"I'm so sorry I let this happen to you," Felix cried. "I'm so sorry." He didn't want to see her taken by Madness, so he did exactly what he'd brought her out here to do. He cleaned the kunai that he'd taken from her off. Why had she made him do this? Why had she told him to bring her here? It wasn't fair. Kissing her lightly for the last time, he drove his kunai into her spine, severing the cord and paralyzing her, while killing her as painlessly as possible.

Felix's vision blurred in front of him as he hit the ground, Meridian in his arms. He looked at the glistening lake. "May we meet on the other side, Meridian." Blackness overwhelmed him as he passed out.

The nightmare was over as soon as it came, leaving Felix even more shaken and lost than before. He didn't have the will to drag himself out of this pool of endless water.

"Have you forgotten what it means to live," a voice asked him. "Do you no longer wish to live? Do you wish to spend eternity lost at the bottom of a lake?" There was a long silence. "Won't you shape your destiny and find the light instead of the darkness. You are a kind soul, but you have forgotten what it means to be you, Felix Kuriyama, not the immortal that Kyla made you into. It is time that you awaken to a new path, to a new destiny." Felix felt himself hit the bottom of the lake. I have nothing to live for. Meridian is forever gone. I am bound by chains that cannot be broken. I must destroy the very thing I love. What greatness awaits me? What destiny can I find in all of this darkness? "That is for you to find out. Carve your own path boy of silver and blue." The water around Felix seemed to take form and pull him to the surface, laying him on the solid earth in a pasture of endless green grass, similar to the one he'd seen so many times in his dream. "Wake up and continue. It may be a long, hard journey, but you are not alone, you will never be alone."

Felix could feel a darkness come over him. Although his eyes were closed, he felt his soul rising from his body and shattering into a million pieces, followed by a warmness that filled him to no ends. Felix opened his eyes and looked up to the sky, just as the sun broke free of the clouds. Felix gave a weak smile. "To shape my own destiny. To make things right." He took in a small breath of air and released it. Placing his hand on his heart, he closed his eyes. "Chained, but not broken." Felix was soon sleep, the water lulling him into dreams of his past. Memories that he'd long forgotten. Memories worth keeping and never forgetting. He may have lost Meridian, but she was now free. Soon he would be too.

"The white soul can't protect you forever and the Flower will soon wither. The dragon knows the truth, and when the spirit of the water strikes it deal, darkness will rise and humanity will weep." ~Uriyuu
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