Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers

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Felix stared blankly at the blue haired woman who was peering down at him. "Hello Felix, I'm Mrs. Yakra," she introduced herself. Felix only blinked but did not reply. Despite being thirteen, he was scared and unwilling to speak to this stranger. He could hardly wrap his mind around being left her until his mother returned. He would gladly have traveled with her, but she refused to let him follow. Even when he'd protested about staying with her friend, claiming he could take care of himself, she refused.

Felix's mother, a brown haired woman smiled at her son's nervousness. "He's a very good kid, I assure you. He's just wary is all. It's always been me and him, no one else." She rubbed her son's shoulder reassuringly. "I'll be back soon, I promise." The blue eyed boy looked at her with wide eyes and quickly hugged her, but he didn't speak. "I love you Felix. You behave while I'm away." His mother hugged him and then turned away and left without another word.

Felix wanted to cry then and there, but he didn't. The only indication was his watery eyes.

Mrs. Yakra looked at the boy. "Hey sweetie, don't cry. If you ever want to talk, I'm always here. I work from home, so I'll be around. Mr. Yakra will be here too and my son as well. As a matter of fact, how about you go meet him. His bedroom is right downstairs. It's the only one down there and it has a bathroom and small lounge space that leads onto the patio. It'll be lie having your own space if you're not comfortable with us just yet."

Felix only nodded and headed for the stairs. It was weird the way the Yakra's house was set up. The main house was upstairs with a single bedroom, living room, dining room, large kitchen, and a large porch with a porch swing. Felix couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. His mother was not rich, so their house was not fancy. He'd chosen a ninja for this very purpose. He didn't want his mom working so much, especially after he'd found out that she was sick. That and he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.

Felix blinked when he got downstairs. It was awfully large down here. He look to his right and there was the lounge space. He could see several bean bags scattered around and the patio just outside the sliding glass doors. He looked to his left and there was a door that was slightly cracked. Felix figured that had to be the bedroom. He walked with caution towards the room, knocking lightly.

"Come in," a voice called.

Felix pushed the door open and walked inside. The room was fairly large as well. A tv against the wall and bunk bed on the opposite wall. He wondered if they'd gotten the bunk bed because of his arrival, or if it had always been there. A dresser was lined up with the window, which was open and blowing in a soft breeze. There were also four bean bags randomly placed on the floor. His blue eyes finally fell to the boy with dark blue hair who was at the closet. He looked so much older than Felix. In face, he wasn't a boy at all, but a man. The guy had to be at least nineteen.

"So you're Felix," a black haired boy stated, looking over his shoulder as he slipped a bag over his shoulder.

Felix nodded silently. He still wasn't up for talking. His mother was sick and had to leave the village to get medicine in the vallies. It was a long trip and he was worried she wouldn't make it. His blue eyes downcast, he stared at the ground.

"Not much of a talker huh?" Footsteps approached the silver haired teen, and then he felt a hand on his head. "Don't worry, your mom is going to be fine." A smile formed on the black haired kid's face. "So cheer up." He ruffled Felix's hair. "Anyway, I have a mission to get to. What's mine is yours, except for the top bunk, that's mine." He started out the door. "Oh, not sure if my mom told you or not, but I'm Holland, but you can call me big brother."

Felix watched the guy go. Big brother? Felix was an only child. Felix didn't want a brother, he wasn't going to be here forever, was he? He decided not to question it. He placed his duffel bag on the bottom bunk and then sat down and cried silently.

It was two days before Holland returned. In those two days Felix spent his time downstairs, refusing to go upstairs and eat with the family. Mrs. Yakra was kind enough to bring him food. When Holland returned, Felix was sitting on the bed looking at a picture of his mother. The older boy was stealthier, so Felix didn't know he was in the room, until the springs on the mattress started to squeal with the pressure of another person. Felix jumped in surprise, snatching the picture up to his chest.

Holland smiled. "Is that your mom? She's pretty." Felix looked down at the mattress. He didn't want to talk about his mom. "I guess you're still not going to talk to me, huh?" Holland shrugged. "That's fine. Just know that if you ever want to talk I'm around." He reached over and ruffled Felix's hair. Getting up he climbed onto the top bunk.

Felix blinked and looked down at his mother's picture, running hand down the side. He missed his mother, he really did.

Before he knew it two months had passed. Felix refused to speak to anyone still, but everyone, or at least Holland knew he was hurting. Felix would wake up in the middle of the night and cry until he fell asleep again. Or he'd cry when he thought no one was home or around him.

One day, the Yakra family had gone out to dinner, leaving Felix alone in the house by himself. He'd thought he was alone, so he sat on the patio downstairs and cried. When he heard the door behind him open, he blinked, his face stained with tears. There in the doorway was Holland. His black eyes soft.

"Hey," he greeted and walked over to the younger ninja. He bent down and looked up at Felix. "You wanna talk? It'll make you feel better."

Felix blinked and then started to cry again. "What if she never comes back," he asked. "What if she left me here because she knew she'd never come back. What am I going to do if my mom dies?" He wiped his tears, but they just kept coming. "I don't want my mom to die."

Holland stood back up and put his hand on Felix's head. He pulled the younger shinobi into a hug. "Glad you finally spoke to me, little brother." He gave a small smile. "You're mother is going to be fine. I'm sure she'd never leave you here. She'll be back in no time, I promise."

Felix didn't believe Holland, but he was the only person Felix remotely trusted at the time being. "Thank you."

Holland nodded. "No problem." He let Felix go and waved him back into the house. "My parents said I should stay here with you. You would think they'd stop commanding me since I'm basically an adult, but it doesn't bother me much. How about we play some games."

Felix gave a small chuckle at Holland's words. "You're an adult sleeping on a bunk bed."

Holland peered at Felix over his shoulder. "Don't get too cocky." Felix shrunk back, blinking when Holland started laughing again. "I'm kidding, loosen up. As long as you're living hear, you're about of the family. You're my little brother now, okay?"

Felix nodded, a small smile forming across his face. He took a seat on a bean bag and waited for Holland to turn on the Tv and hook up the game. "Why do you have so many bean bags?"

Holland shrugged. "I like the assorted colors. I collect them."

Felix blinked blue eyed. "Why?"

"The assorted colors."

Holland was weird, but Felix didn't care. He smile shyly and then took the controller from Holland as the other boy plopped down on the chair.

"Felix, little brother, me and you are going to be good friends, I just know it."

Silver hair swayed as Felix nodded. "Holland...big brother, I hope so."

Felix had spent two years of his life with the Yakra family and it had been thanks to Holland's patience and kindness that the younger boy was able to overcome his fear that his mother would never return. It was from that day on that Felix and Holland, two different ninja, from two very different families became blood brothers. Not by birth, but by friendship. Although seven years apart, the two formed a very strong bond with one another. Only death would break that bond.

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