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Just as Kana had originally planned, her first stop after leaving the Crested, was the Stealth. To her satisfaction, it seemed no one had been told to look out for her. And since she didn't wear her headband, or ninja gear around, no one really questioned her if she said she was coming for vacation. She merely said she heard that the Firefly Festival was to be held soon, and bam, inside like that. She was there for several days, looking for some kind of temporary job, before it happened, and she saw them.

Walking into a cafe with a newspaper in hand, Kana took a seat at a booth near the corner of the shop and opened the paper. She read it until someone came and asked for her order. She only got a coffee. She liked this place, they had flavored creamers. She'd discovered it on her second day in the village. The brown haired ex-shinobi looked around the cafe, out of habit, thanking the waitress when her coffee was brought over. Putting a couple flavored creamers in and stirring it, Kana brought the cup to her lips, only to stop when she saw them. A blond couple, the male with brown eyes, the female with green, though the male's hair seemed to be graying a bit. Kana lowered her cup, her brown eyes transfixed on the couple. They were older, to be sure, maybe in their mid fifties, but Kana recognized them nonetheless.

Looking away and using her hand to cover her face slightly, Kana started drinking her coffee, but at a quick pace. She wanted the waitress to come back over here before the couple left, so she could ask about them, and confirm her suspicions. It didn't seem like the couple was leaving anytime soon, thankfully. When the waitress came back over, Kana let her fill her coffee cup, but before the woman could leave, asked her question. "Hey, what can you tell me about that couple over there? Do they come here often? I think I might know them, but I don't want to make a fool out of myself and go talk to them if I'm not sure," she smiled lightly. "Can ya help me out?"

The red headed waitress looked over to the couple and smiled before looking back to Kana. "Yeah, they came to the Stealth some seventeen years ago. I wasn't working here that long, of course, but they told me they came from one of the other Valley's after retiring as ninja. Didn't say which one."

"Did they ever mention anything about having a child?" The red headed woman shook her head, and Kana's heart sunk. "So they didn't say what village? I guess it makes sense though," she shrugged. "Thanks." The waitress gave a smile and a nod, walking off.

Now Kana just felt utterly depressed. They hadn't really died. They'd deserted. And what's worse, they left her there, alone! Her hand clenched around the coffee cup, but a moment later she pushed it to the center of the table. They left her there, to deal with all that shit by herself. Had everyone else known they'd deserted? Was that why they hadn't wanted her to become a good ninja? For fear that she'd desert too? Something inside of her began stirring in anger. And she had ended up deserting, even though she hadn't known the truth, proving that damned man right! Pissed off didn't even begin to explain what she was feeling right then. Part of her was so angry it was saying kill them. Kill them right then and there, for making you suffer so much. But another, more rational part of her said she didn't want to run. So instead, Kana slapped a five onto the table and practically stormed out of the cafe. Clearly the Stealth was not a good place for her to stay. She'd have to look elsewhere.

Finding this out had hurt her. Hurt her more than she could've ever thought. When she was little, she'd imagine them coming home, and saying it was all some big joke, and she'd have been mad at them for a little bit, but ultimately their lives would've gone on as normal. Clearly that had not happened. Now Kana was not willing to try to set this family back together. She wondered if they even cared. She could have been dead for all they knew, and yet there they were, laughing and smiling and talking in a quaint little cafe in the Stealth, on the other side of the Valley's from where they'd abandoned their daughter. The thought struck her hard, and Kana stopped walking, nearly dropping the newspaper she held. Did...did they even care? Had they even thought of her after they'd left? She didn't care for the reasons behind why they didn't return. They could have sent someone to get her. Tears forming in her eyes, Kana clenched her hands and walked towards the hotel to get her stuff. She didn't care. Why should she.
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