The Path He Walks Part 1

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The Path He Walks Part 1

Post by Batsu on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:58 am

Rain poured heavily, bending the branches of trees as small drops slowly fell from the leaves. In the center of the forest was a river that stretched for miles to come. The heavy rains were forcing the river to run wildly and overflow, but not too much. In the river was a the shape of a human, hanging onto a fallen branch to keep from being swept away by the current. If one was to get closer they could see this was indeed a human. His black hair slicked down because of the rain, his black eyes closed, and his breathing heavy.

"I don't want to die without seeing my son," he said quietly.

Two Weeks Earlier....

"Rhea, I'm home," a male voiced called. The voice held a very distinct Romanian accent.

In the next room a woman sat on the couch, a blanket around her shoulders as she held a book in her hand. She slowly looked up in the direction of the kitchen. "I'm in the living room." Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and her brown eyes shinned as she awaited the male voice.

Appearing around the corner, a male standing at about 6'2 entered the room. He had a smile on his face as he saw the brown haired woman awaiting him. "Hello there, you look nice an comfy. May I join you?"

The woman, who was known as Rhea nodded her head and pulled her legs closer to her, despite her swollen belly. "Of course, Suoh."

The black haired male grinned and sat next to Rhea. "I apologize for the wait. I was assigned a mission and had to get debriefed. How are you?"

"Tired, but well. He's been kicking a lot." She looked down to her stomach, a smile crossing her face.

Suoh's eyes widened. "Why does he never kick when I am around?" He leaned back onto the couch and crossed his legs.

"Because he knows you expect him to kick. He's stubborn like his father." Rhea laughed at the look on Suoh's face. He clearly didn't believe himself to be stubborn, but she had been married to the man for a very long time, so she knew. "He'll be do any day now," she said with a smile. "The doctor said so himself. I am very excited."

Suoh's eyes glowed. "Really now? Wait, you went to the doctor without me? Rhea-"

"Don't worry," Rhea said as she put a finger to Suoh's lips. "Amelia came with me."

Suoh shrunk away. "Sorry."

Rhea stuck her tongue out. "You look adorable when you act in such a way. You're so overprotective Suoh."

The black eyed man waited until Rhea put her tongue back in her mouth before he kissed her lightly. "I can't help it. You're my beautiful wife, carrying my first child. You going off by yourself worries me." Suoh gave a small chuckle. "Do you want me to cook you something," he asked.

"No, I ate over Amelia's house with her husband and son. Holland is growing to be such a cutie pie. I hope our son is just as adorable. Holland looks like his mother, but I want our little boy to look just like you. And when we have a daughter, I want her to look just like me," she said with a matter-of-fact nod. "And speaking of mister, have you thought of a name for him. Every time Amelia asks me what his name is I sit there with a silly little embarrassed smile and say, 'Oh I'm just waiting for Suoh.' You know it's tradition for the father to name the first born son," she said sharply.

Suoh managed a small smile. "Sorry," he said waving his hands in front of himself. "I didn't realize she'd been asking you. You should have told me earlier," he responded.

Rhea, who had her book resting in her lap picked it up and pointed it at her husband. "Do you have a name for him or not?"

Suoh blinked. "Why can't we wait until he's born?"


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." He smiled and placed his hand on Rhea's stomach. "I want to name him Felix," he said almost quietly, the smile still on his face, but his eyes darkened, carefully hidden from Rhea. "It means lucky." He looked up at Rhea, the darkness disappearing from his eyes. "I'm sure he'll live a life of great adventure, so he'll need a little bit of luck every now and then. If he's as stubborn as me, he'll know that: We sleep when we're dead. Until then, you live life like there is no tomorrow. Never stop going forward. Never fear death."

Rhea looked at Suoh closely, but she didn't catch the look in his eyes. "Felix, I like it." She smiled and then chuckled. "You and that saying," she teased.

Suoh shrugged. "It's my shinobi way."

"I know," Rhea stated. "Oh, how about we teach Felix that as well. He'll be a magnificent ninja, just like you. In fact, let's make it our family motto."

Suoh nodded. "I like that. It'll be the way of the Kuriyama." He then stood up and nodded to the bedroom. "It's late, let's get to bed. Tomorrow I wish to take you to breakfast before my mission," he said. "Sound good, no?"

"It sounds good," Rhea responded as she let her husband help her off the couch and guide her too the bedroom. She swore that man acted like she was not capable of taking care of herself, but she very much was. Despite being almost nine months pregnant, she was just as stubborn as Suoh. She believed she could move about just fine without his help, but he was so determined that she just couldn't tell him know.

Getting onto the bed she laid down with a small sigh, she looked to Suoh as he pulled his jacket off. There was no shirt to be removed. She swore that man never wore a shirt. "One day you're going to catch pneumonia."

Suoh turned and looked over his shoulder. "Don't go wishing that upon me," he said in a mock panic. "Who'd going to take care of you and Felix if I have pneumonia? I'm sure Amelia doesn't want to take care of the three of us, she has her own husband Matt and son, Holland to watch over." He climbed into bed with his wife. "I must remain healthy."

"You're so over dramatic," Rhea said sweetly. She looked at her husband's bare chest. "Those marks are spreading," she said quietly as she ran her hand over them "So strange."

Black eyes met brown ones for a brief moment. "It's supposed to spread. That is part of my contract."

Rhea, who was not a ninja didn't understand. She lived the simple life of a florist and although she was married to a ninja, she didn't care much to understand the ways of the shinobi. And ever though she had been married to Suoh for a while now, she could not fully understand the marks that spread across his body. Suoh had called it "The Mark of the Water Spirit." He'd told her it was a contract between him and a water spirit, but he never explained to her why he would make a contract with a spirit. The most he would say is that it was a good thing and that was all she needed to know. Usually she shrugged it off, but occasionally she would ask him about it whenever she saw it had spread a considerable amount. What Rhea didn't know about her husband was that the mark was not just a contract, but it was the only way he could protect Rhea and their unborn child.

Suoh Kuriyama was not a man who kept secrets, but he would take on the world before he allowed any harm to come to his wife and son. He'd refused to tell Rhea about the purpose of the mark because he didn't want her to be worried. Then there was the fate of their child. He wouldn't be able to completely shape his unborn son's destiny, but he'd change it jut enough so that Felix could find happiness along the way.

I can't promise you infinite happiness, because I cannot see the path you are to walk, but I promise you that I will make it easier for you. I hope your journey is one in which you can find something worth living for. Suoh gave a smile and wrapped his arms around Rhea. "Goodnight my sweet angel."

"Goodnight, Suoh."

"The white soul can't protect you forever and the Flower will soon wither. The dragon knows the truth, and when the spirit of the water strikes it deal, darkness will rise and humanity will weep." ~Uriyuu

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The Path He Walks Part 2

Post by Batsu on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:41 pm

The Following Morning

"Rheaaa," Suoh whispered in his wife's ear. "Get up so we can go to breakfast, I'm dying of hunger." He couldn't help the small chuckle that followed after Rhea swatted him away with her hand. He laid back down on his side and sighed. "If we don't leave now I'm going to be late for my mission."

"Then I'll see you when you get back home," the brown haired woman grumbled.

Suoh was silent for a moment. "But it might be a long time before I come back," he responded.

Rhea rolled over onto her other side. "Why would you take on a mission knowing that Felix will be here any day now?" She blinked the sleep from her eyes.

Suoh shook his head lightly. "This wasn't up for debate. I had no choice."

"We all are able to make choices Suoh." Rhea slowly sat up. "You could have told them no. This is a small village, everyone knows that I'm pregnant with your son. They should be more lenient in the ninja world." She gave a dismissive wave and sat up completely. "Let me change into something nice and then I'll be ready." She slid off the bed and made her way towards the dresser and then to the bathroom once she had her clothes. When the door closed Suoh rolled onto his back.

"I wish it was that easy," he mumbled. He crossed his arms over his face and sighed.

When Rhea came out the bathroom fifteen minutes later, Suoh had changed into some new clothes and had retrieved his bag, but he had returned to his spot on the bed and dozed off. Rhea took the opportunity to mess with him. She silently walked to the bedroom door and exited the room. She had to keep herself from giggling as she went into the kitchen. She took a seat on the chair and if she could cross her legs, she would have done just that, but instead she picked up her book, adjusted her glasses, and turned to her last page.

She cleared her voice. "Suoooohhh," she called dramatically. "Suooooohhh, I think the baby is coming!"

It took half a second for the black haired shinobi to come sliding into the kitchen. "What do I need to do? Are you okay? Should I call the doctor? Do you need anything? Just tell me what to do." His eyes were wide with excitement and panic.

Rhea put a hand to her eyes as she started laughing. "You should see the look on your face right now."

Suoh's face reddened in embarrassment. "I-I...that's cruel Rhea."

His wife only waved her hand in the air. "Me, cruel? I doubt it. You woke me up and then fell back asleep. I was only getting back at you."

Suoh gave an innocent pout. "You were taking forever." That comment got the book tossed at him, which he caught without much trouble. He gave a small chuckle and kissed Rhea on the cheek before he helped her out of the seat and led her out of the house.

Suoh figured they could eat outside today since it was warm. He took Rhea to a small cafe near their house where they had a nice little meal and discussed little things. When the meal was finish, Suoh stood up and stretched. He then looked to Rhea with a smile. "Want me to walk you to Amelia's house. I'm sure you want to tell her all about the name."

Rhea blushed. "Hush you." Although she didn't complain as she guided to Amelia's house. Her brown eyes dulled a bit as they came to a stop at the door of her friend's house. She gave a small sigh. "I'm going to miss you," she said with a frown as she kissed him. "You'd better come back before he's born or else you'll change every diaper."

Suoh gave a small chuckle. "I'm sure you don't want me changing diapers, I'm not very good with that kind of stuff."

Rhea peered at him with a raised eyebrow. "Really now?"

Suoh nodded. "Yes, I'm the eldest of six. Then again you've never met my family, so it's no surprise that you've forgotten. Anyway, despite helping my loving parents change diapers, I can never put them on the right way. Too much work to get it proper each and every time." Suoh had come from Romania after he'd been old enough to leave home, he'd wanted to travel the world and had done just that, but stopped when he came to the Fallen Rains and met Rhea. Suoh had never dreamed of falling in love, but he'd done just that and now he was a father to be.

Rhea had forgotten that he was the eldest of his siblings. "Fine, you can fix all of his bottles and bath him and wake up when he's crying in the middle of the night."

Suoh chuckled once more. "If that's what you wish." He'd done all of that as well, so it didn't matter to him either way. He would love to be involved with his son. He kissed his wife. "I will see you soon," he said with a nod. He then knelt down to her stomach and placed his cheek against it. "And I shall be back before you are born, Felix." Suoh went to draw away when he felt a slight bump. His eyes widened and he shot straight up. "He kicked!" Suoh's black eyes glowed. "My son kicked!"

Rhea started to laugh. "I guess he knows his daddy it going away for a while," she said smiling as she rubbed her stomach.

Suoh let out a small breath as tears filled his eyes. "Heh, he actually kicked." He had to wipe his eyes before the tears spilled over. "He kicked."

Brown hair swayed as Rhea shook her head. "He does it on a daily basis, Suoh. It's not the first time." If she'd known why he'd been so happy, she'd be just as tearful as he was. "Anyway love, it's time for you to head off before you're late. We'll be here when you get back."

Suoh was oddly reluctant to leave. "Oh...yeah....I almost forgot." He wasn't looking at Rhea, but her stomach. "I-I guess I'll be on my way," he said quietly. He kissed her one last time. "I love you Rhea, my sweet angel." He hugged her and stayed there for a moment. "I really love you." His eyes started to water again and he had to blink twice before backing away. He rested his hand on her stomach. "And I love you as well Felix."

"Suoh... is everything okay?"

The black haired shinobi nodded. "Yeah, I'm just emotional because he kicked." He gave a small laugh. "I'll see you in a few days." He then turned to the door and knocked on it.

Matt opened the door with Holland sitting on his shoulders. "Hey you two. What's up?" The brown haired man with black eyes was looking curiously at the two. He had a feeling Rhea was here to see Amelia, but Suoh looked a bit off.

"Hello Matt," Rhea said. "Is Amelia home?"

"Indeed she is, come on in." He moved aside for Rhea to wobble in, stopping briefly to pinch Holland's cheek. The young boy protested, but gave a small giggle nonetheless. "You coming in Suoh?"

The shinobi shook his head. "I have a mission."

"Good luck then."

Suoh nodded and headed off down the street, his head bowed.

Upon arriving at the Endless Lake, Suoh took a seat and cross his legs. His eyes were dark and he looked emotionally beaten. In front of him the water stirred as a water shape formed.


The watery figured began to take a more solid shape. Revealing a man with long blue hair, elven ears, and purple eyes dressed in a variety of blue clothing. Around him water swirled consistently.


The water spirit tilted it's head. "Have you told her that you will not be returning?" Suoh shook his head. "Why not? Doesn't she deserve to know?"

Suoh gave a weak smile. "If I tell her, she'll more than likely get stressed out and the pregnancy would end in a stillbirth. It would defeat the purpose in me leaving."

"Would that not be better than risking your life for the sake of an unborn child?"

The black haired shinobi looked up. His black eyes glowed dangerously. "No. I would rather die than not give him a chance to live. I want Felix to be happy. To be able to live and enjoy life. If it means I have to sacrifice myself in order for him to do so then fine. I'll be damned if I let that witch win."

"She'll find a way to make sure he doesn't succeed in killing her," Masamune pointed out.

"Which is why I have to ask a favor of you." Suoh paused briefly. "Once I'm gone, will you watch over him for me."

Masamune gave a small huff. "You think I have a love for you humans?"

"Please," Suoh pleaded. "I can't see his future, so I don't know what will happen to him."

The water spirit smiled. "Do you wish to know?"

Suoh sighed. "It doesn't matter, you won't tell me. You haven't told in the past, why tell me now?"

"So that you know what you're dying for."

Suoh closed his eyes. "I know what I'm dying for. I'm dying to give him a chance. Everyone deserves a chance." He shook his head. "If I don't go after her, she will kill him before he's born, which will more than likely result in Rhea's death as well. I will not lose everything that's precious to me." He sighed. "If he lives, eventually the witch will die...."

"At the cost of what? Finish it, Suoh."

"At the cost of my life."


"And a lifetime of eternity, where life is nothing but misery and pain."

"Exactly," Masamune said as though he was proving a point. "You should just kill the child when it's born and have another one. You humans make things so complicated. Why put your son through so much trouble when you could simply kill him and he'll never have to suffer."

Suoh ignored the water spirit's logic. "When I left Romania, I felt like I was taking a fresh breath of air. It was like being reborn," he said. "To travel from place to place and see the sights. It was a whole new world for me. Then I came here to the Fallen Rains and met Rhea. I instantly fell in love with her and knew that she would forever be mine and I would forever be hers." He looked to the water spirit. "To know she would bear my child was something I longed for. I wanted nothing more than to have a family." He paused. "I have limited time on this earth, regardless of whether I go after the witch or not. Felix, will have unlimited time. Maybe he will suffer in the beginning, but he'll have forever to find love and have a family and to enjoy life. That is all I want for him. Even if it's only brief, I want him to know what love feels like."

Masamune sighed. "You are an odd being Suoh Kuriyama, but I will accept your request to protect your son, under one condition."

Suoh looked up hopeful. "Yes?"

"He must have a love for water."

"I-I can't determine that," Suoh said disappointed.

"It's a fifty-fifty chance."

The water spirit had a point, but Suoh didn't think it fair. "Alright," he said.

Masamune smiled kindly. "Does his name not mean lucky?"

Suoh's eyes widened. "Are you tell-never mind," he said with a smile. "Thank you."

Masamune nodded.

Suoh was relieved. He knew that he could not kill the woman, for it was not the path he was meant to walk. What he did know that his son was going to live at least a few years of his life in peace. He also knew that the water spirit would be with him until death. That was enough for him to feel at peace.

"He kicked today," Suoh finally said. "It's as close as I will ever get to him." He couldn't but smile. Felix had kicked, almost as if he knew that his dad wouldn't be there to hold him when he was born.

"You say it so depressingly, yet you look happy."

"It's called a bittersweet moment," Suoh informed the eternal being. With a heavy sigh he stood up. "Let's go ahead and get this over with."

"Eager to die?"

Suoh turned and grinned, his black eyes shinning. "Not at all, but I'm not one to fear death either."

"The white soul can't protect you forever and the Flower will soon wither. The dragon knows the truth, and when the spirit of the water strikes it deal, darkness will rise and humanity will weep." ~Uriyuu

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The Path He Walks Part 3

Post by Batsu on Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:29 am

Present Day: Two Weeks Later

The one reason Suoh Kuriyama was not afraid of death was because he found it pointless to fret over something that was inevitable. Unlike the woman he was going after, his time was limited. Suoh let out a small sigh as he walked along the river. The only thing he honestly regretted about this personal mission was not being there to see Rhea give birth to his son.

"You can always turn back," Masamune's voice said drifting from the water.

"Not a chance," replied the black eyed shinobi.

Masamune gave a small chuckle. He really was amused by the determination of Suoh. To see someone willing to give up their life for another was the most selfless act he'd ever witnessed when it came to humankind. "You are a special kind of human."

Suoh smiled. "Should I be honored or insulted?"

"Whichever you choose. Just know I am honored to be in the presence of such a unique human being. I hope my next host is at least half the person you are."

Suoh decided to be honored as well. He placed his hands in his pants pockets, letting his jacket hang loose behind him as walked. Small droplets of water splashing up against his chest. He smiled when he thought about how Rhea threatened he'd catch pneumonia without a shirt. He was going to miss his sweet angel more than life itself.

"Reminiscing are we?"

"Are you reading my thoughts?"

Masamune didn't respond, leaving Suoh to believe he was doing just that.

When they arrived near the Gears, Suoh was no longer smiling. His black eyes were narrow as the wind blew, threatening a storm. He looked around for any signs that the witch was around. When he saw no indication that she was present he moved for her home. The first time they'd met had been by complete accident. Suoh had been on a mission and had run into her while he'd been getting water for his team. They'd all separated to gather certain materials, and by chance he'd met Kyla. She had not been as old looking during this time, but the way she carried herself told him there was something off about her and he'd wanted to avoid her at all cost.

"Hello there deary," she greeted. Suoh had only smiled and tried to finish gathering the water so he could go before any conflict could arise. "You look like a startled deer," she said.

Black eyes narrowed. "Listen lady, I have somewhere to be."

"I know, but hear me out first." Kyla smiled slyly. "In years to pass your wife shall bore you a son who will bring about the destruction of this world. Are you prepared to watch it burn?"

Suoh really did look startled after that. Because he could not see what was to come in Rhea's or his own life, he wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or not. And Rhea was not pregnant either. "Ma'am, I'm going to tell you just once. Leave me alone so I can finish here. I don't want to hurt you." He figured being respectful would help this from escalating to something more.

Kyla's smile remained. "Hurting me. Child, you could not hurt me even if you tried. If anything you should be worried about the precious safety of your Rhea."

Suoh stood up from kneeling and frowned. "I don't know who you are, but you keep my wife's name out of your mouth."

Kyla gave that small chuckle she normally did. "Go home boy. Go home and give life to a demon."

The jonin didn't believe a word of this. There was evil written all over this woman, and he didn't need his insight to tell him that. What his insight did tell him was something he very much felt like sharing at this moment. "Greed and anger fuel your need to take revenge, but your soul will burn in the end. The demon you ever so eagerly wish to breed will destroy you and all of your selfish needs."

Kyla had clearly not expected that and she backed away slowly. "You speak lies," she hissed.

Suoh only shook his head. "Your soul is going to burn in hell." The black eyed shinobi had ever so easily turned the tables and was now walking away.

The shinobi sighed at the memory. "Masamune," spoke the shinobi. "Is she still here?"

The water spirit was silent for a long time. Suoh knew he was tracking her. "She's coming. She knows what you're here for."

Suoh grinned. "Good." He took a seat on a boulder and crossed his legs as he awaited the arrival of Kyla.

The old woman arrived no longer than half an hour later. Her beady eyes glowed maliciously as she approached the Fallen Rains shinobi. "Hello dear boy, it has been a while."

Suoh smiled politely. "Indeed." His black eyes dark.

"I suppose you're here to save you unborn brat?"

"How right you are," responded the shinobi.

There seemed to be an eternal silence before the ground split next to Kyla. The woman's eyes widened and she moved back just as a line of water rose from the ground and lashed out like a whip. When the witch looked up, Suoh was gone from the rock he'd been sitting on. Kyla looked around in shock, where exactly had he gone and just how had he managed to split the earth so quickly without a jutsu? Had she made a mistake by underestimating him? Of course not, he was just a puny mortal.

"Are you going to hide little mortal," she asked. "Are you afraid?"

"Not a chance," came a low voice.

Kyla turned just in time to move away from the kunai. "You can't kill me," she hissed.

"You should know by now that that is not my intention. It's not my job to kill you."  Suoh would never know what lay ahead for Felix, but the most he could do was pave a path that would give him some time to choose his own destiny.

Kyla would not put up with this nonsense. Whatever Suoh believed he could do to her would not work. She would get rid of this man once and for all. She would leave him weeping and then kill his son and wife. Kyla would not accept failure. She launched herself at the black haired male, grasping for the spot where his heart would be.

The black haired shinobi narrowed his eyes and snatched Kyla's hand in mid-air without any effort. The woman was a witch, but he was a ninja. There was a major advantage for him. Although it was true that he wouldn't be able to kill her, he'd come prepared.

Sacrificing  ones life is worth everything to save a thousand, Suoh thought to himself as he turned Kyla around and started a single jutsu. He pressed his hand to her back and watched the old woman crumple to the ground in agony. To give an innocent the right to live is worth a single life. Everyone deserved a chance to live.

Kyla groaned in agony below the shinobi, but it didn't change her from turning around and lashing out at Suoh in a struggle to save herself from whatever the determined ninja was attempting. Her hand glowed yellow as it made contact with the male's arm, shredding the flesh immediately.

A look of pain crossed the shirtless shinobi as he was forced to let go of Kyla's arm. Blood welled up to the surface and flowed down the length of his arm, gushing out steadily. The moment she was released the brown eyed witch turned on her opponent and aimed right for his soul. Suoh, in a mild state of shock from his wounds couldn't counter in time and Kyla hit her mark.

In that moment time seemed to stop. The shinobi blinked and looked down at the hand in his chest, shaking lightly when he realized that this woman's hand was not on his heart, but his soul.

"You should have given up when you had the chance," Kyla sneered. "You could have lived a good life had your pride not gotten in your way. Worthless human beings, always pretending to be so high and mighty. I'll show you what it means to be powerful." The hag drew her unusually sharp nails through the Romanian's soul. It cracked the moment she made contact and Suoh gasped in shock.

The elder Kuriyama had felt pain before, but this was something different. Something unreal. It was as though his entire being was being ripped apart. There was no way for him to cry out through the pain. He felt his legs give beneath him and he hit the ground within seconds, the world growing black around him.

"Mortals," Kyla said as she shook her head. "They think they can take on the world." She had no intentions of wasting her time watching this man die a miserable death. No, she had other business to take care of. "Now to rip your son right from his mother's womb," she said loud enough for Suoh to hear.

Suoh flinched at the image of Kyla doing such atrocious things to his wife and son, but he couldn't move. As much as he wanted to, he just couldn't find the strength to get up. Rhea....Felix.... How had he failed them both?  I'm so sorry....please forgive me.

"Suoh, your time is not over. You must live, for the sake of your wife and son. For the sake of the people you love the most." Masamune had been there the entire time. Suoh was only a host for him, but that changed nothing in regards to their friendship.

Suoh only shook his head. "I-I can-t...." The black haired shinobi sounded as if he wouldn't be able to make it another moment in this world.

"Then you give up," questioned the water spirit. "You're going to give up on Felix? You were his only hope and now he has no one. You're going to abandon him as if he meant nothing to you?"

Suoh opened his eyes half way. "Shut your mouth," he spoke firmly. "I would never abandon my son!"

"Then get up."

"I can't!"

"Then you have indeed abandoned him."

Suoh turned his head to hide the tears of agony and defeat. Had he really abandoned the son he'd been fighting so hard for? Was he really going to give up and never look back? Suoh closed his eyes.

"If you don't fight for him, Suoh. Then who will?"

He couldn't bring himself to get up. The very thought of moving was painful. Even with that being said, he couldn't just lay here and let Kyla destroy everything that meant something to him. "We sleep when we're dead. Until then, you live life like there is no tomorrow. Never stop going forward. Never fear death." Pushing himself up, Suoh rose to his feet. "Even if it's looking us right in the face." He coughed once and it was followed by a trickle of blood. "Kyla!"

The old woman turned with a look of annoyance on her face. "Clearly you don't know when to give up."

"I don't know the meaning," Suoh said with a grin. Before Kyla could make a snarky comment, Suoh dropped off his jacket, revealing the water mark as it completed the cycle as it glowed a bright blue. Once complete, Suoh drew on every ounce of his abilities. Above them the sky darkened until it was pitch black.

Kyla glanced up in confusion. What was going on? "What are you doing?" She hurried towards the younger human to once more deal damage to his already cracked soul, but before she could manage it began to rain. It was all Suoh needed to complete his final task.

Kyla never saw what was to come next. The rain came down heavy, forming into wolves. Each one held a paint brush in it's mouth. The moment they touched the ground they headed for their target, Kyla. The witch couldn't fend off the large creatures as they marked her for a much larger attack. When each wolf had marked it's target they dropped their brushes and climbed the trees.

Kyla didn't bother to watch, she approached a swaying Suoh and took his soul in her grasps once more. "I'll send you straight to hell."

Suoh only smiled. "Lady, my son is going to send you somewhere way worse."

As Kyla started to crush the soul of the black haired shinobi, the wolves gathered at the top of the tree and then dove down, fusing into an unusually large spear of water. With the witch unaware and far too focused on Suoh, they hit their mark full force, causing the old hag to jerk forward, tearing Suoh's soul far worse than before. The shinobi backed away as Kyla stumbled forward. His hand over his chest he started into a coughing fit, but didn't dare fall.

Kyla on the other hand seemed dazed but fine. "Ha, that's it? Your weak wolves did nothing," she hissed in triumph. They barely even phased me. What a waste of time and effort."

Suoh's eyes were dark as he watched Kyla boast about a wasted effort. Around them the trees and flowers seemed to wilt away into nothing even though the rain was still coming down. "I give all I am to the water spirit, Masamune. I give everything I will become to the water spirit, Masamune." Suoh spoke the words in less than a whisper. The additional damage he'd been dealt had left him too weak to do much more, let alone speak. "And may he drag this bitch to hell."

Kyla continued to boast. Her beady eyes glowing with defiance. However he victory was short lived. Masamune had heard Suoh's request. It was time to complete their contract. The water spirit had already drained every ounce of water out of all the living things around them, aside from the two humans before him.

Sick of the witch's ongoing rant, Masamune decided to make this quick. A shield of water surrounded Suoh and without much warning the ground split for the second time that day. Water had collected beneath the surface and it quickly swallowed up Kyla. The witch struggled, but her effort was fruitless. The water soon forced it's way into Kyla's mouth, leaving the old woman coughing as though she'd nearly drowned.

"You damned creature!" The old woman started for Masamune and the water spirit did not move. Instead Kyla froze in place. "Huh? What's wrong with me?"

"Looks like your time is up, witch."

Kyla blinked in confusion and then expanded to become ten times her size. Without warning she shriveled up, becoming an old woman instead of the person Suoh remembered her by. A woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. Now she was old and wrinkled with beady eyes and white hair and she was quickly turning into stone.

"What is this," she hissed. "What have you done to me? WHAT HAVE YOU DON-" Her last words were cut off as she completely froze over.

"It's over, for now," Masamune assured the black haired male.

"Thank you," was the other male's response.

The rain poured down heavily as Suoh stumbled away. Blood spilled from his mouth as he held his heavily wounded arm. He was so tired. It took all he had not to drop down right here. He knew death was coming for him, but he had no fear and no regrets, aside from one. He wouldn't get a chance to watch his son grow up. The black haired male coughed once, blood splattering his hand as he instinctively covered his mouth. God he was tired.

"You'll feel better when you're in the water," Masamune told him gently.

Suoh nodded and continued forward until he'd made it to a nearby river. It's rapids were fierce from the excess water the rain had brought, but he dropped down into the refreshing liquid, letting it wash over him. Suoh shivered, but stayed in the water. He found a fallen branch to hold himself up on. Laying his head on his arms he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. It helped momentarily cease the pain he was feeling all over. Momentarily putting his mind at ease. Momentarily giving him peace.

Suoh woke not long after. The rain still poured heavily, bending the branches of trees as small drops slowly fell from the leaves. In the center of the forest was a river that stretched for miles to come. The heavy rains were forcing the river to run wildly and overflow, but not too much. He was still in the river, hanging onto a fallen branch to keep from being swept away by the current. His black hair slicked down because of the rain, his black eyes still closed, and his breathing still heavy.

"I don't want to die without seeing my son," he said quietly.

It was all he dreamed about as he slept for those few short moments. That he wouldn't be able to see Felix, not even once. He opened his eyes, although they were narrowed against the rain.

"When he's older....he will look just like," Masamune spoke. "He'll have silver hair cut like yours and icy blue eyes."

Suoh smiled, a feeling of warmth washing over as he envisioned what his son would look like. "My brother had blue eyes," he whispered tiredly. "But none of them had silver hair. What an odd color."

"It will make him well known," Masamune assured him. "He will be about your height and his smile will be just like his mother's."

"I always loved Rhea's smile. My sweet angel."

It was becoming very clear to Masamune that Suoh didn't have much time. If the black haired shinobi was going to die, then he wanted to give him something to smile about before he was gone. It was the least he could do for the black eyed male who'd been his host for a very long time, and a worthy one at that.

"He'll smile often and protect his mother like he should. She will tell him all about you and he'll be determined to become a great ninja just like you. He will love you unconditionally and never forget your ninja way, for it will become his own. He'll even take to wearing a jacket all the time, but he'll be smart and have a shirt on underneath, as to not catch a cold."

Suoh listened quietly. He'd accomplished his goal, Felix would be just fine.

What Masamune wasn't telling Suoh was what would become of his son once Kyla had returned. He wouldn't tell him about the murderous demon Felix would become, unknowingly destroying lives in order to accomplish Kyla's goal. He wouldn't tell the smiling shinobi about the fall of the village or the death of his wife. No, he would leave those details out.

"Will he fall in love?"

"Yes. The girl he falls for will be named Meridian. A pretty girl with orange hair and bright blue eyes. They'll be love struck like you and Rhea were when you both were young."

Suoh smiled. "With my looks he'd better be," he joked. The smile faded as he went into a coughing fit. However he didn't let it dampen his mood. "I'm glad he's going to be happy."

Masamune only nodded. "Goodbye, Suoh."

"Goodbye." He'd been holding out for as long as he could, but he was far too tired to do anything more than lay there against the branch in the cold rain. He closed his eyes once more and as his soul finally caved and shattered, Suoh's body became water droplets, joining the river as his final resting place.

Masamune looked up as the rain came to an end. His journey with Suoh had come to an end, so he would rest until his journey with Felix began. He made his way over to the branch Suoh had been holding onto and picked up the necklace the black haired man had left behind. He held it up for a moment before tucking it away in the fabric of his clothes and joining the water to make his journey back home.

"The white soul can't protect you forever and the Flower will soon wither. The dragon knows the truth, and when the spirit of the water strikes it deal, darkness will rise and humanity will weep." ~Uriyuu

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Re: The Path He Walks Part 1

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