Wounds and Origins

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Wounds and Origins

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:35 am


-Burn scar, right shoulder. From the fight with Nagi and Neal. Came from Neal's dragon swooping towards him before he could finish a wind jutsu.
-Large scar, right upper arm. From debris that had fallen from a toppling building before Zach could complete a jutsu to raise a shield to protect him and Haven.
-Burn scars, covering the majority of his back in various places. From a fallen beam in a housefire when he had been a child. The first thing to break in his room had been a ceiling beam over his bed.
-Several small scars cut into the front and back of both Zach's hands. Randomly spaced, some overlapping. From setting up a trap for bat creatures outside the Endless Frost.

Mental exp:
-Seeing Kanda's arm being taken, believing it was his fault for Kanda pushing him out of the way
-Leading bats, 10 or more (CoM) outside the Endless Frost, panicking without a plan
-Attempting to set a trap that would result in death if he failed to execute in time
-The success of the trap brought other CoMs swarming towards him
-The guards refusing to open the barrier for him while he was returning to the village with CoMs on his tail
-Seeing Haven murder Drayton
-Choosing between saving the villagers or protecting his team from harm
-Witnessing exploding buildings and a burning village, screaming villagers, etc.
-Constantly having to convince himself that he didn't want revenge for Tegan's murder
-Being trapped in a burning building
-Trying to strangle Haven after being taken over by Madness for a short period of time

Will probably put one for both Kanda and Nagi as well, though not the mental part (maybe).

Note: CoM = Creature of Madness
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