The Fight

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The Fight

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:31 am

Suki came home at about five o'clock after running an extra errand. She found that Tara was already back in the hotel room, to her surprise. "Hey, you're home early." Tara turned on the couch so that she could look over the back of it at the hazel eyed girl.

"Yeah, well, Ser had to go back to her place to do some stuff." The long haired girl grinned. "And you're home late." Even though it was only five, they each had something of 'established' times to be home, considering Tara was more social than Suki, naturally, her time was later. "Thought you didn't feel like going out," she said.

"No, I said that I didn' want to go out," Suki replied with a smile, going into the kitchen. Tara got up and followed.

"Oh? So then what changed your mind? Where'd ya go?"

"I was hanging out with Felix," Suki said simply, taking a cup out of the cupboard. When Tara didn't respond right away, like she normally would have, Suki turned to look at her. Tara was just staring at her. "What?"



"Can you...can you just stay away from him please?"

Suki blinked. Had she heard right? "You want me to what? Why?"

"Suki, I really-"

"Tara, I really want to know what is going on." She put the cup down on the counter and turned to Tara, her back against the counter as she leaned against it.

"Felix is a dangerous guy, Suki."

"Of course he's dangerous Tara, he's a ninja, that's how it works. Besides, he only hurts his enemies," she said. She was sure that was the truth, even if Felix had never told her so.

"He hurts other people besides his enemies, you know."

"Oh? And just how do you know that?"

"Alright, fine, you don't think he's dangerous to those around him, whatever. But he cheated on Ser, Suki."

Suki blinked and fell silent for a moment before speaking again. "They're on vacation Tara." That's what he had told her. And she believed him.

"With kids on the way? Come on, Suki, think will you. They have kids on the way."

"You know, I don't actually see how it's your business whether he cheated or not."


"No, I mean it Tara! That's not your business, and it's not mi- Oh my god. You told her didn't you!"

"Of course I told her, why would I not! How can you expect me to just sit there knowing something like that and allow one of my best friends to be left ignorant?"

"Because you shouldn't know it at all!"

"Suki, please, just stay away from him. You owe me this much at least, please just keep away from Felix." When Suki's face became blank, Tara wondered if she was about to give in. But what happened next was not what she'd expected.

"What?" A pause. "I owe you? I don't owe you anything Tara, we're friends, that's not how it works!" Tara's face clearly said she realized her mistake.

"No, Suki, I didn't mean-"

"No no no, it's already out there now. There's no taking it back Tara. I don't owe you a damn thing," she said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Forget it. At least now I see where you stand on our friendship," Suki said, her voice low and hurt. Without bothering to put the cup away, Suki walked out of the kitchen and out the door of their hotel room. So what, had Tara just figured because Suki had traveled with her and her parents that she owed them something? She never would have thought that was what Tara had thought. The idea itself hurt to even suggest, but now that she knew that was the case? Suki slammed the door behind her and started out of the hotel. So much for her day finishing off well.
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