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Post by The Merciful Overlord on Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:05 pm

The Last Chapter (Part 4?)

  • Pg 1-5
After returning home, Serenity heals herself and Felix before saying their goodnights. However, neither
can stay asleep, and they both end up sitting on the roof, resulting in a Ferenity moment. The next
morning, with slightly bitter thoughts on both sides, a seemingly normal conversation ensues. While
Felix tries to convince his captain for some time off, Serenity speaks with Megan about what's going
on. While Felix takes a swim to cool off from things, he gets an unexpected visitor, one of his old
students, Kana Kianashi!

  • Pg 6-10
Having consulted Kana about what was going on between him and Serenity, Felix invites her out to
lunch, where Kana causes a bit of a scene, resulting in their departure from the pub. However, only
moments later, friends of the drunk man who Kana had knocked unconscious come out of the bar,
picking a fight with Kana as revenge for their fallen friend. However, (unsurprisingly), Kana wins the
fight, but Felix sustains some unpleasant injuries. On the way back to the Crested, deciding to wipe
Felix from her life, Kana starts a small fight with him, in which all goes as planned, and Felix leaves
towards home with a serious disliking of the Black Bird.

  • Pg 11-15
Upon arriving home, Felix and Serenity strike up a conversation, each hoping to resolve their worries
about the other. After what could've been considered a small argument, the two decide that they need time to gather their thoughts, and Felix decides to sign up for a transfer mission, to return on the child's first birthday. Instead of leaving things on that note, they decide to spend the rest of the night with dinner and a movie. FERENITY MOMENT.

  • Pg 16-20

As always shall finish another time. Very Happy
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