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"I told you already. Somebody threw a move at me the other day, and I just didn't know how to deal with it. I want you to show me how, that's all." Zach crossed his arms and looked up at his older brother. If not for the obvious age difference, one could've mistaken them for twins. In fact, even with the age difference, sometimes people did when they were together. The only big difference was Tegan's lack of glasses.

It was a Saturday, and as was usual for Zach, he'd gone to find his brother Tegan for one thing or another. Some weekends he'd make up questions to ask him, questions he already knew the answers to, or, like this week, he'd pretend that somebody had thrown an odd move at him. Sometimes people did throw something different at him, but Zach always knew how to counter it, so there was really no reason for him to go to Tegan for something like that. He just refused to admit that he wanted to spend time with his older brother. Something like that was embarrassing, and he didn't want to admit it. So he just made up things so that he could hang out with Tegan every weekend, instead of spending time with his buddies from the dojo.

Tegan shook his head and sighed. He was only three years older than Zach. Why the guy felt it necessary to come to him for every little thing, he didn't understand. Zach had just turned seventeen this past month. "Do you know how they did it?"

Zach nodded. "Yeah, I remember how." Tegan gave a slight smirk, and Zach frowned and looked off to the side. "Just 'cause I know how they didn't doesn't mean I know how to counter it. Or, the best way to, anyways."

It wasn't that Tegan minded Zach coming around to hang out, but he wished the guy would just say it instead of making him do all this work. After he answered whatever questions Zach came up with that week, they always ended up hanging out anyways, so really, for Zach, these were just formalities. "Alright, alright, let's go home and you can show me what they did," he said, motioning for his younger brother to follow.

Zach kept behind Tegan, for the most part, until his brother motioned for him to walk next to him. Tegan wasn't his oldest brother, but he looked up to Tegan far more than he looked up to Kani. Kani had left the clan the moment he was allowed and went straight to the opposite side of the village, as far away as he could get. Because of that, Zach rarely ever saw his oldest brother. The two of them had nothing in common. Not like him and Tegan did, anyways. Tegan loved this village, and had told him countless times "As long as even one part of this village is standing, I'll have a reason to live. I vowed to protect it and everyone in it, and that's just what I'm gonna do." Zach understood that, kind of. He wanted something more, though. He wanted to protect the whole world from Madness. He wanted to save it, if it got too late to protect it.

Once the two of them got to their house, they said a brief hello to their parents, a usual occurrence on the weekends. In the back there was something like a small ring, where the dirt was flattened down and there was no grass on it. Zach explained the false move to Tegan and his brother listened as intently as usual. Once Tegan started talking though, Zach hung onto every word. He admired Tegan. The guy could come up with a solution to anything in a matter of seconds. If he ever became Kage, he'd make sure to have Tegan as his right hand man.

After that was done, their mom brought them out each a small bowl of ice cream, and they sat on the bench outside of the small ring and just chilled there, wordlessly for a while. Eventually Tegan spoke up. "We can't do this next weekend, so you know."

Zach blinked and pulled his spoon out of his mouth, looking to Tegan. "Why, what's going on next weekend?"

"Thursday I'm getting sent out on a mission. You know that kid Haven that ran away. They're having me go to look for him with my squad. Don't know if I'm gonna be back by Saturday," he shrugged.

Zach frowned. "Why?" He leaned back onto the bench and gave a small sigh. "They should really just leave him alone. We don't even know if he's dead or not, and people have already come back from that kind of mission dead. We're just wasting lives."

Tegan blinked in surprise. "Zach...he's family. No matter how bad things get, you don't turn on family. We're all we got. We gotta stick together. And even if he wasn't family, he's a part of this village and I-"

"Yeah yeah, I know. You 'vowed to protect the village and everyone in it'," Zach mocked. "But why do you have to go after him? Why not send scouts instead of fighters? You're not exactly the fastest guy out there. It'd be easier to just dodge around the monsters, wouldn't it?" When Tegan fell silent and looked at him straight faced, Zach raised an eyebrow. "What? Wouldn't it be, though?"

A moment of silence before Tegan answered. "...did you just call me slow?"

Despite the fact that Zach was a bit surprised that that had been what Tegan had fallen silent about, the younger of the brothers cocked a smirk. "Yeah, I did. So what're you gonna do about it?" Zach's eyes widened once Tegan snatched his glasses right off his face and stood up with them, holding them in the air and just out of Zach's reach. Zach jumped up, leaving his bowl on the bench. "Hey, give'em back, you know I can't see anything without them!" he complained.

Tegan grinned and started walking towards the house while still holding the glasses. "Pfft. That sucks for you, doesn't it. You're gonna have to come get them if you want them back," he teased, glancing back at Zach. "And quit your whining, it makes you sound like a girl."

Zach grit his teeth in irritation and started forward, trying to grab at his glasses, only for Tegan to pull them away.

"Yeah, who's slow now," Tegan grinned. His eyes widened when suddenly Zach was gone, and above him in an instant, grabbing onto Tegan's wrist that was holding the glasses. Without much effort, Tegan quickly tossed the glasses from one hand to the other. "Hey, no teleporting, that's against the rules!"

"You're gonna break my glasses, jerk, give'em!" When Zach landed on the ground and Tegan didn't give them back, Zach frowned. This was already getting irritating. And then he heard his mom's voice call out from the kitchen, through the open back door, which was a sliding glass door.

"Tegan, stop teasing your brother."

"He called me slow," Tegan called in. "I'm just proving him wrong." He glanced to Zach. "Race you to the dojo for them. Ready, go!" Without even waiting for a reply from Zach, Tegan quickly started the 'race' and bolted off out of the backyard.

"Wh- Te-gah, damn it!" Zach growled, starting after his older brother. Before Tegan was even a street over, Zach managed to tackle him to the ground and pull his glasses out of the guy's grip, replacing them on his face with a triumphant grin. "Ha. Got'em back." Getting up, he couldn't help but laugh when he saw Tegan laughing. He helped his brother up.

These were the weekends he loved the best.
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