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The Mission Briefing Empty The Mission Briefing

Post by The Merciful Overlord on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:20 am

Kana was taking a random walk through the graveyard and had stopped and crouched in front of one of the graves in particular. t was the grave of her old best friend from the academy. Kana hadn't been best friends with her when the girl had died, but it still had her aching to know that she was dead. Kana wasn't a cold-hearted person...she didn't hate people, she just didn't want them hurt by her death. It was two days after Kana had the 'fight' with Felix. It was rather gloomy out, and it was raining lightly. The blue skies in the distance said that it would soon pass. Immediately after the arguement, Kana had turned in her transfer papers and requested to be notified whenever a transfer mission was put on the table. Anything six months or longer was her request. Usually transfer missions came in slowly, so there weren't many offered. But at the same time, there weren't many who wanted to take transfer missions to begin with. They all had lives to attend to, after all. Kana had no one. She was a frequent taker of the transfer missions, which was another reason why no one wanted to go. Everyone knew her reputation for being cold. No one wanted anything to do with her. Just how she wanted it. She was so caught up in her thoughts while she was staring at the grave, she didn't realize that someone was approaching her.
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